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Advice Based Mutual Funds

With increasing awareness levels investors have started realizing the superiority of equity over other asset classes and of mutual fund route over direct equity. They have started investing increasingly through mutual funds and 75% of the new money from retail investors is estimated to come through this alone. But, contrary to general belief it is not a magic tool and, like stocks, need in depth research and analysis to identify winners of tomorrow from out of several hundred schemes with different objectives in an environment wherein fund managers might change, schemes might get merged with other schemes, size might grow enough to have implication of the impact cost etc.

Following analysis by our research team more than validates the importance of research:

Particulars Long term Average Range: High - Low Years
No of Diversified Schemes 237 399 - 83 2015 - 2004
No of out Performers 151 337 - 52 2015 - 2006
% of out performers 64 84.9 - 36.2 2014 - 2008
Return of Nifty % 17 75.8 - 51.8 2009 - 2008
Avg Return % 22 82.8 - 53.5 2009 - 2008
30 Best Schemes % 41 115.8 -40.2 2009 - 2008
Research Benefits % 19 38.5 - 5.9 2014 - 2016

A 3 stage 13 filtration process is applied by the research team of Narnolia to identify the winners of tomorrow wherein fund managers capabilities is put to test in terms of superiority and consistency. Based on this alternate solutions are arrived at, like the Model Mutual Fund, Ala Carte, Ratings etc. Various online and offline integrated platforms, reporting and support systems are inbuilt in to the system for a world-class experience.


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