November 06, 2020|Prakash Modi|Blogs from Our Experts

Over the entire week, global investors kept their eye focussed on outcome of US Presidential Elections. The legendary investor Warren Buffet told many times that ‘for longterm investors should not focus on Political Events as these events have short-term influences on the markets’. Even then we saw that everywhere there were discussions on the US elections. Further, we saw stellar rally ac....

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Markets like Cat on the wall

November 02, 2020|Prakash Modi|Blogs from Our Experts

Two events namely upcoming US Presidential Elections and the rising Covid cases in Europe followed by stricter lockdowns therein kept global markets jittery. However, in India the number of daily new Covid cases falls half from the peak of almost a lakh cases, registered in mid-September. Also, there are states like Kerala, West Bengal and Delhi, wherein the number is rising.There is a con....

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Ingenious Steps taken by RBI to revitalize the economy

February 27, 2020|Dhwanik Shah|Blogs from Our Experts

Exhibit 1: Bank Credit Growth in the economyThe Bank Credit Growth in the country has fallen to single-digit in the recent past as compared to high double-digit growth since early 2000. The slow credit growth in the country has been a worrying factor for the country and the economy. The Reserve Bank of India has been proactive in cutting down on interest rates to boost the growth after emerg....

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IIP Shrinks & CPI Heightens

February 20, 2020|Dhwanik Shah|Blogs from Our Experts

The Index of Industrial Production for the month of December 2019 was weighed down by a contraction in manufacturing activity. The growth during the month came at -0.3% as compared to 1.8% in November 2019.The IIP for the April-December period stood at 0.5% as opposed to 4.7% in the same period previous year.The main positives from the IIP data could be seen in the increase in mining activity w....

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Only Diyas, No Fireworks!

February 06, 2020|Dhwanik Shah|Blogs from Our Experts

Expectations from the Finance minister to fix the ailing economy were sky high since India`s growth slumped to a multiyear low amidst demand concerns.To help the growth in private investment the government earlier in the financial year bought a stimulus to the market by lowering the corporate tax rate cut. This move alone caused a rise in the fiscal pressure to the tune of 1 lakh crore.The Fisc....

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Commercial Real Estate increasingly favored in 2019

January 23, 2020|Dhwanik Shah|Blogs from Our Experts

2019 has been a dismal year for the Indian Economy where the NBFC crisis has led to a lot of stalled real estate projects. The government also put up an AIF of INR 250 bn to provide relief to developers for their unfinished projects.Residential House launches for 2019 have been 23% higher than 2018 at 2,23,325 as compared to 1,82,207 in 2018. While Residential Sales have been just 1% higher on ....

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Industry witnesses high premium growth after couple of subdued....

December 27, 2019|Dhwanik Shah|Insurance & NPS

Total weighted received premium for the month of November`19 stood at a 5-month high figure at Rs. 13297 crore. The industry saw a 110% growth on the back of a low base effect of just Rs.6333 crores a year back.LIC leads the industry growth yet again as it witnesses a 104% growth in the individual weighted premium at 4422 crores as opposed to a tepid growth of 27% shown by the private players a....

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Net Inflows into equity funds fall due to higher redemptions

December 12, 2019|Dhwanik Shah|Research Digest

Inflows into Equity mutual funds saw a steep fall in November 2019 and stood at just Rs.1311 crores which is a new low in 3 and a half years.The gross inflows have been largely similar, the degrowth in net inflows have been due to higher redemptions in the month of November`19.Large Cap funds and Mid Cap funds have seen continuous traction from the retail buyers and saw inflows in November at R....

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December 02, 2019|Akash Bachhawat|Blogs from Our Experts

Markets are multi facets and complex. GDP and macro economy are important pieces of the puzzle, from the list of ever-expanding variables that influence markets. The GDP numbers for Q2 FY20 were at a 6 year low of 4.5%, whereas Indian markets closed at a lifetime high of 12130 surpassing the peak of June this year. It`s in this context, explaining the macro market disconnect becomes very import....

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November 28, 2019|Akash Bachhawat|Research Digest

The paradox- After 14years, in November 2017 Moody’s raise the grade India’s rating to Baa2 from Baa3. After the upgrade, the Market Participants who went Long on Indian markets were caught by the surprise.Within 2 months of the upgrade, the NIFTY small-cap Index peaked out at 9650 zones and fell 45.9%in the next two years to the level of 5220 zones. To be precise an upgrade was followed by mar....

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Rate cut on the cards with looming growth concerns

November 14, 2019|Dhwanik Shah|Blogs from Our Experts

The Industrial Output for the month of September 2019 contracted for a second month in a row at - 4.3%.reinforcing growth concerns in the economy. The IIP has been lowest since November 2012.The IIP for the April-September period stood at 1.3% as opposed to 5.2% a year ago.The drag down in the output has been on the back of degrowth in manufacturing mining activity and electricity generation. M....

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Industry growth on Individual WRP falls to a 10 month low

November 01, 2019|Dhwanik Shah|Insurance & NPS

The Individual Weighted received Premium of the Life Insurance industry witnessed a negative growthof 3% for the first time in the past 10 months.Private players in the individual space saw a marginal 3% growth while the LIC witnessed a 11% fall in the individual weighted premium.Total weighted received premium of the life insurance industry witnessed 14% growth rate for the month of September`....

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Mixed Signals on the CPI & IIP front for the MPC

October 17, 2019|Dhwanik Shah|Blogs from Our Experts

The Industrial Output for the month of August 2019 contracted by 1.1% reinforcing growth concerns in the economy. The IIP has been lowest since November 2012.The IIP for the April-August period stood at 2.4% as opposed to 5.3% a year ago.The drag down in the output has been on the back of degrowth in manufacturing and electricity generation. Manufacturing growth stood at -1.2% while electricity....

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Domestic Inflows through SIP offset the FPI outflows

October 03, 2019|Dhwanik Shah|Mutual Funds

Inflows into Equity mutual funds have continuously grown for the last 4 months amid volatile market and negative sentiments. Equity mutual funds inflow touched a new 5 month high for the month of August 2019 at Rs. 9,152 crore.Large and Multi Cap Funds have found flavour with the market as they saw inflows of Rs.2,583 and Rs.1,581 crore respectively.Mid & Small Cap Funds have continued to f....

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Economic Parameters are finally finding a base

September 19, 2019|Dhwanik Shah|Blogs from Our Experts

The Industrial Output for the month of July 2019 advanced to 4.3 from 2.0 in June`19. This is a 9 month high growth rate.The improvement of the IIP data has been predominantly on the back of improvement in the manufacturing segment which showed better growth rate at 4.20. The growth in mining activity has been better at 4.9%, a 9 month high growth. Electricity generation for the month of July h....

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LIC continues to outperform the private rivals in Q1FY20

September 05, 2019|Dhwanik Shah|Insurance & NPS

The Individual Weighted received Premium of the Life Insurance industry grew at 17% YoY for the monthof July 2019. The growth was predominantly led by the private players who witnessed a 22% growth forthe month while LIC saw a 10% growth.The new business growth rose 6% in the month of July from 20219 crores to 21509 crores.Total weighted received premium grew at 77% on the back of high growth i....

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Fall in IIP & Inflation suggest room for a rate cut

August 21, 2019|Dhwanik Shah|News Room

The Industrial Output for the month of June 2019 further collapsed to 2 percent from 3.1 percent a month agoThe improvement in the electricity growth at 8.2 percent on a lower base has been insufficient to carry the growth forward Mining and Manufacturing activity showed  weak growth rates at 1.6 percent and 1.2 percent respectively.As per the use based classification the capital goods saw....

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All Businesses performing well, Ex-T&D business will drive the....

August 06, 2019|Sandip Jabuani|Stock Updates

15% Revenue growth over next two years supported by robust order book of Rs 20000 CrCurrent order book of Rs 20000 Cr with Rs 3500 Cr of L1 orders provides strong revenue visibilities over the next 2 years. Domestic projects execution is expected to pick up after the election. International power T&D business was impacted last quarter on account of delay in environmental approvals, which is....

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Fresh inflows into equity schemes rise as investors shun debt ....

July 24, 2019|Dhwanik Shah|Mutual Funds

Inflows towards the equity oriented mutual funds for the month of June 2019 advanced to Rs.7663, a 3 month high inflow.In the month of June, inflows towards mid and small cap funds stood strong at Rs.844 crore and Rs. 927 crore respectively. While inflows towards large and multi cap funds jumped up at Rs.1509crore and Rs.1835 crore respectively.The only equity oriented fund which has now seen o....

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Contained fiscal deficit while addressing the liquidity crunch

July 08, 2019|Dhwanik Shah|Research Digest

The run up to the first budget under Modi Government 2.0 had a lot of expectations from the burdened economy, worrying farmers, pained middle class, cash struck PSB`s and liquidity hungry NBFC`s.The New Finance Minister has envisaged a vision for a $5 trillion Indian economy driven by investments by 2024. The finance minister reduced the fiscal deficit target to 3.3% in a move signalling govern....

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Rise in IIP and steady CPI signals improvement

June 26, 2019|Dhwanik Shah|Research Digest

The Industrial Output for the month of April saw a rebound after months of underperformance. IIP growth of 3.4% for the month of April is a 5 months high figure.The improvement in the electricity generation and mining activity at 6.0% and 5.1% has propelled the IIP to grow at 3.4%. Manufacturing growth also grew at 2.8% after 2 months of negative growth.As per the use based classification the c....

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Equity inflows rise as investors bet on small and mid-cap funds

June 12, 2019|Dhwanik Shah|Research Digest

Inflows towards the equity oriented mutual funds for the month of May 2019 saw a slight uptick and stood at Rs. 5407 crores. Net Inflows to the mid cap and small cap category stood at Rs.1272 crores and Rs.1415 crores respectively, These 2 categories account for around half of the net inflows that took place in the month of May.Large Cap funds along with sectoral/thematic funds did not find fa....

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FII's increase thier ownership in Indian bourses

May 29, 2019|Dhwanik Shah|Stock Updates

The first four months of 2019 witnessed inflows from Foreign Institutional Investors to the tune of 68000 cr  After a dismal 3rd quarter where FII had been net seller in the Indian equity market pulling out more than 19000 cr , the 4th quarter before the elections came out as a relief to the Indian . The FIIs were net buyers in the 4th quarter and flowed in more than 45000 cr throug....

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SIP's outshine amidst HNI's selling pressure

May 15, 2019|Dhwanik Shah|Mutual Funds

Net Equity inflows including ELSS schemes for the month of April declined to a 31 month low at Rs.4608 crores.The inflows to the equity schemes have been higher than expected on the back of strong inflows towards opportunistic segments such as mid cap funds, small cap funds and sectoral/thematic fundsAlso, the most preferred investment option, the large cap funds along with large & mid c....

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IndiaVIX & Nifty rising: an opportunity for Contrarians

April 24, 2019|Prakash Modi|Research Digest

IndiaVIX is widely known as India’s Volatility Index. It is an indicator of the market mood in the short term. Volatility Index (VIX) is the popular measure of the stock market’s expectation of volatility implied by Options in the derivatives segment of NSE. It is also known as fear index. The value of the IndiaVIX denotes the degree of market fluctuations that active traders expect in the N....

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IIP&CPI: Macro data clears path for a rate cut in April

April 03, 2019|Dhwanik Shah|Research Digest

Index of Industrial Production for the month of January dropped to 1.7%, falling below our estimated growth rate.The drop in the industrial production is on account of a slowdown in the manufacturing and electricity activity. Manufacturing growth stood at 1.3% as compared to 8.69% a year ago, Electricity stood at 0.80% as compared to 7.63% in Jan 2018 whereas Mining growth grew from 0.26% to 3.....

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(Dis)Balanced Funds?

March 13, 2019|Dhwanik Shah|Research Digest

2019 witnessed outflows from balanced funds to the tune of 2029 crores in just 2 monthsBalanced funds have been rather unsuccessful in beating the benchmark returns over the last 1 year. These funds unlike other equity oriented funds have seen the most investments in the dividend option rather than in the growth option. Total inflows into balanced funds in FY18 had been Rs 89757 crores while FY....

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Expectations from Union Budget 2019

January 30, 2019|Shailendra Kumar|Research Digest

Forthcoming budget will be more of a vote on account though it surely would be loaded with policy intents to get the voter attention for the forthcoming general election. Otherwise too with GST, the budget now is not about changes in indirect tax rates that prefers one industry over others. Key questions from the market perspective are:What social policy measures would be announced and its impa....

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ETFs outshine large cap Mutual Funds in 2018

December 21, 2018|Dhwanik Shah|Research Digest

Key HighlightsThe Actively managed large cap funds have been not able to outperform the index returns in 2018.Whereas Exchange Traded Funds have performed better than the Whereas Exchange Traded Funds have performed better than the large cap funds and hence have been providing superior return to the investors.When compared the average returns given by ETF`s during the last 3 month, 6month, 1 ye....

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Improving macros – IIP at 11 month’s high

December 14, 2018|Dhwanik Shah|Research Digest

Index of Industrial Production grew at a solid 8.1% in the month of October vs. 4.5% in the previous month witnessing a 11 month high data on the backdrop of high growth in electricity generation and manufacturing activity which grew at 10.8% and 7.9% respectively. In the manufacturing segment the highest growth was in production of furniture(41%) for a fourth consecutive month followed by manu....

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Equity Mutual funds: The Market Saviour

November 29, 2018|Dhwanik Shah|Research Digest

The number of folios in equity scheme stood at 4.87 Cr in October 2018 against 3.73 Cr in October 2017, indicating a 30% increase.Despite bearish nature of the market in October 2018, the equity mutual funds have garnered positive inflows courtesy of the ever increasing SIP folio accounts which stand at 7.90 Cr in October. Mutual funds contribution through SIP route has more than doubled in the....

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September 2018 is flooded by NCDs: Risk to Fund Flow to equity

September 12, 2018|Prakash Modi|News Room

Rising crude prices, strengthening Dollar i.e. depreciating local currencies and widening CAD (Current Account Deficit) in case of India, are some of the key factors that are affecting major of emerging markets across the globe including India in recent past. Now this supported by possibilities of raising interest rates (by US FED and probably followed by ECBs) makes the spread between debt and....

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Gold to Silver Ratio: Is Gold glittering more than Silver?

September 06, 2018|Prakash Modi|News Room

What is Gold to Silver ratio?The Gold to Silver ratio is widely calculated in the international arena by investors by dividing current price of Gold per ounce with the current price of Silver per ounce. In simple words, gold to silver ratio is the amount of silver it takes to purchase equivalent unit of weight of gold. Assuming a hypothetical scenario, if the price of Gold i....

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Fed Powell Shifting Towards New Normal, Sidelines Trump’s Crit....

August 30, 2018|Sakina Mandsaurwala|News Room

The US Fed Chairman Powell emphasized the central bank`s push to raise interest rates despite President Donald Trump`s recent criticism of higher interest rates. The topic of Fed Powell speech at the Jackson Hole Symposium was “Monetary Policy in Changing Economy”. US have gradually raised its interest rates from 0.25% at crisis level towards the new normal rate of 2.0% at present. Fe....

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The currency Crisis- Turkey Angle!!!

August 20, 2018|Pratik Poddar|News Room

Over the past one week, an event has grappled everyone’s eyes with a dramatic fall of about 40% in Turkish Lira against dollar denoting the crisis hit by the country. The currency has fallen over 80% on YTD basis. Now, one would wonder as to what could have potentially gone wrong that led to such a downfall in a country’s currency. While Lira depreciated 30% until July this year, the ....

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Highly active CENTRAL BANKS: Caution Ahead!

August 13, 2018|Pratik Poddar|News Room

Central Banks over the world have played a crucial role in the economic development of any country. There are various economic tools in the arsenal of a Central Bank that enables to effectively oversee the economic status of a country. A country’s fiscal status, credit environment and inflation scenario are the main driving indicators of economic outlook.Over the past two weeks, World witnessed....

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Decoding Mystery of Physical Settlement in FUTURES

July 25, 2018|Prakash Modi|Education Series

NSE has come up with notification mentioning physical settlements of stock derivatives shall be mandatory in a phased / calibrated manner.NSE has currently notified the list of 46 stocks undergoing the physical settlements as mentioned in the list. (Refer how will the physical settlement work for the participants in the....

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Indian Chemical Industry The China Factor! Loss to One, gain f....

July 25, 2018|Pratik Poddar|News Room

The world is crippling today with the rising fear to mounting environmental concerns. The need to act for the betterment of the world against ‘Climate Change’ gave rise to the need of the famous Paris Agreement. Of the many countries severely facing the issue of the poor environment, China has been the one to be amongst the most vulnerable countries. The country, since the beginning o....

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Flying high- US China Trade War and India

July 16, 2018|Pratik Poddar|News Room

Dalal Street hit an all-time high on Friday breaking the January highs amidst the global uncertainties driven by the trade war tensions looming majorly between the two largest economies in the world viz. US and China. An event that is so meticulously tracked, it is overshadowing otherwise important events of crude volatility and BREXIT.Following table presents the YTD returns of Index ....

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Iran Sanctions – Make or Break for Crude Oil Prices

July 12, 2018|Sakina Mandsaurwala|Research Digest

Oil prices have remained steady at $74 due to supply disruption in Libya, Canada and impending sanction on Iran, all of which increases the likelihood of big shortfall in the oil market. Bullish oil factors are ruling over Bearish factors as investors are currently assuming that the oil supply increase from OPEC will not suffice the current oil demand and prevailing supply curtailment....

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Result Preview (4Q FY18E) - NBFC

April 19, 2018|Deepak Kumar|Research Digest

Growth accelerates but margin under pressure.The 4Q FY18e results season will kick in middle of the month for NBFCs. The spike in bond yield by more than 100 bps in last 6 months will result in margin pressure for most of the NBFCs in 4Q FY18 especially for (HFC) Housing Finance Companies. Further continued pressure on loan pricing due to competition from banks will add more pressure ....

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Reduction in inflation forecast for FY19 makes RBI policy even....

April 16, 2018|Shailendra Kumar|Blogs from Our Experts

RBI credit policy was in –line with market expectation in terms of maintaining status quo on policy rates. What made the policy eventful was sharp reduction in inflation forecast for FY19.Though stance on policy rate was as anticipated given the backdrop of government assertion that both fiscal deficit and revenue shortfall in FY18 would be lower than revised budge....

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Nifty Crosses 11,000, Sensex Hits 36,000: New Year Being Merri....

January 23, 2018|Debanjali Sengupta|News Room

Nothing can be a better new year for the investors than coming across splendid news like the BSE Sensex hits the psychological mark of 36,000 and NSE Nifty breaches 11,000, led by the rally in shares of RIL and Infosys. This is by far the sharpest gain in Asia after the US government passed a temporary funding bill that ended the shutdown in the world’s largest economy.January 23, 9:20 AM witne....

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YES BANK - Cheering Stellar Loan Growth

January 19, 2018|Deepak Kumar|Stock Updates

While the divergence related issues has pushed the Yes Bank to back foot in recent times, we believe continued stellar loan growth performance will help the bank to come out of its tough time. Yes Bank once again posted healthy balance sheet growth of 36% with granularity in its loan book.Yes Bank has been continuously beating the street expectation of loan growth on th....

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Quant Structure of the Market (December’17): 10 Stocks to Go Long

January 19, 2018|Atul Mishra|Education Series

Recap of December2017: The month of December saw a healthy growth by broader indices with Nifty, Nifty 500, Nifty Mid Cap and Nifty small cap growing by 2.97%, 3.67%6.62% and 4.37% respectively.Among sectoral indices, Materials, Industrials, Consumer Discretionary, Consumers Staples, Healthcare, Information Technology and Telecom were major gainers and rose by 4.86%, 5.44%, 5.92%, 4.06%, 5....

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Quant Structure of the Market (November’17- a classic case of ....

December 13, 2017|Atul Mishra|Education Series

Recap of November 2017: Nifty fell by 1.05% during the month; Nifty 500 grew by 0.01%while Nifty Mid Cap and Nifty small cap gained 1.62% and 1.90% respectively.In terms of sector, Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Information Technology and Industrials rose by 3.33%, 1.36%, 3.29% and 2.09% respectively while Energy, Materials, Health Care, Financials, Telecom and Utilities fell by 3.67....

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Quant Structure of the Market (October ’17): 3 Stocks to go Long

November 08, 2017|Atul Mishra|Education Series

For the month of October’17, Quant recommended 3 Long stocks ideas- Williamson Magor, Emami Ltd and Take Solutions that went up by average 12.85%      -atul.mishra@narnolia.comRecap of October 2017: Nifty grew by 5.59% during the month; Nifty 500 grew by 6.44% while Nifty Mid Cap grew by 8.12% while Nifty small cap grew by 12.73%.In terms of sector, Energy, Materials, Indust....

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Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Limited - SUBSCRIBE

October 25, 2017|Rubi Burman|Research Digest

The objective of issuing Rs 100 Cr for investing towards continuing interest in new mutual fund schemes managed by the Company and Rs 165 Cr Funding in inorganic growth and strategic initiatives.Pre IPO, Reliance Capital Limited holds 46.57% and Nippon Life Insurance Company holds 49.00% of RNAM`s total issued and paid up equity share capital of RNAM. And Post this issue, both the com....

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Quant Structure Recap of the Market (September ’17): Performan....

October 14, 2017|Atul Mishra|Education Series

In the month of September’17, Quant recommended Stocks like TV Today, KNR Cons and DB Corp went up by 14.8% average, while shares to sell Welspun India and Idea fell by 13.3%.Recap of September 2017: Nifty fell by 0.97% during the month of September, while Nifty 500 fell by 0.73% and Nifty Mid Cap and Nifty Small Cap fell by 0.57% and 2.12% respectivelyOn the other hand, in terms of sector, mat....

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Auto Ancillary: Anti-Dumping Duty, A Sigh of Relief for Domest....

September 23, 2017|Naveen Kumar Dubey|News Room

The government of India has imposed an anti-dumping duty on certain types of truck-bus radial tyres to protect the domestic tyre manufacturers from below-cost shipments from China. The anti-dumping duty has been imposed in the range of USD 245.35 - 452.33 per tonne for the duration of five years. The truck and bus radial tyres constitute 55% of total industry`s revenue. The TBR tyres ....

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KNR Cons- Improvement In Order Inflow Outlook

September 21, 2017|Sandip Jabuani|Stock Updates

Bids for many projects will open in the months of September and October as per NHAI website and we believe that a prominent player like KNRCON will achieve a `Good Luck`.In next 4-5 months, around 80 projects will go underbidding on HAM basis, ranging from 800-1300 Cr each. KNR expects to win 1500 Cr of HAM projects. The current order book stands at Rs.3339 Cr and therefore,....

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Professionalization of Indian Businesses

September 08, 2017|Shailendra Kumar|Blogs from Our Experts

One of the key hypotheses behind Indian business growth going forward is ‘Professionalization of Indian businesses’. Professionalization is the backbone on which the thesis of ‘formalization of economy’ rests.One of the key hypotheses behind Indian business growth going forward is ‘professionalization of Indian businesses’. Professionalization is the backbone on which the thesis of ‘formal....

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Quant Structure Recap of the Market (August’17): 3 Long Stocks....

September 05, 2017|Atul Mishra|Education Series

For the month of August’17, Quant recommended Stocks Grasim Ltd., Ambuja Cement Ltd. and Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd. went up by average 5.8%, while shares to sell ADF Foods Ltd. and Subros Ltd. fell by 8.3%.Recap of August 2017: Nifty fell by 1.6% during the month; Nifty 500 fell by 1.1% while Nifty Mid Cap fell by 1.3% and Nifty small cap fell by mere 0.7%. Such narrow loss for t....

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Earning Score – Unique Number Denoting Stock’s Fundamental Cha....

July 25, 2017|Atul Mishra|Education Series

Representing companies comparative earning growth and earning quality through unique scores for easy reference and further analysis.A company`s earning growth is an important parameter to compute company valuation whether we follow absolute valuation method like discounted cash flow or relative valuation method like P/E ratio, EV/Ebdita etc. Corporate earning ....

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Sensex Outperforms 32,000: Why & How

July 17, 2017|Debanjali Sengupta|News Room

Not a very long ago, on April 26, 2017, the Indian stock market celebrated a historic event as the Sensex closed above 30000 for the first time.Exactly eleven weeks since then it’s again time to celebrate the occasion of the Sensex`s achievement for attaining another milestone. On Thursday, July 13, 2017, the Sensex kissed the glory of 32,000 points for the first time ever. Thanks to the low in....

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5 Mistakes You Should Avoid If You Want to Make Money in Mutua....

July 05, 2017|Debanjali Sengupta|Mutual Funds

In the recent time, amidst the talks of expensive valuations, liquidity driven rally and so on, one question that clouds people’s minds at large is ‘have I chosen the right mutual fund?’ This question primarily arises when investors are not patient and disciplined in their investments and also fail to choose funds vis-à-vis their financial goals and requirements.  So, today, being a respon....

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Share Buyback – the New Normal, Harming True Spirit of Long te....

June 16, 2017|Anurag Arora|Education Series

Share Buyback by companies promote short-term speculations in the market, high Dividend Distribution Tax is the culprit.Whether a company announces a dividend or whether it announces share buyback to the investors, both sound equally good and impressive. But when there’s more than a way of doing something, there`s a chance of one being better than the other. Here, in this blog, we are goin....

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Buy Winsurance and Not Just Insurance

June 08, 2017|Debanjali Sengupta|Insurance & NPS

You must be surprised to come across the term `Winsurance`. Must be thinking what`s this now, is it a term coined for fooling people with a new kind of marketing gimmick? Well, this term Winsurance has been specially fabricated for establishing the fact that buying the right health insurance policy can indeed bring in a win-win situation for both the insurer and th....

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A Month To Go To The Roll Out: A Brief Round-up on GST

June 06, 2017|Debanjali Sengupta|Education Series

Just before a month ago, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is literally becoming the talk of the town, considering it to be the biggest reform in the Indian economy. Almost all the business leaders and consumers are looking forward to it with great anticipation. Whether it will leave a favourable impact on the Indian finance or whether it will create disruptions in business transaction....

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INDIAN BANKING INDUSTRY- Under Falling Credit Growth And Risin....

May 31, 2017|Deepak Kumar|Stock Updates

>> India at its decades of lowest credit growth, as per data by RBI. Does the low credit growth reflect the lower credit appetite for corporate borrower? >> Non-performing assets has increased by 5 times in just 5 years. Are stressed assets at peak level or how much more are still left to be recognized? >> Transferring power from bankers to RBI- W....

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KEC International- Clocking High Ebdita Margins With Strong Or....

May 31, 2017|Sandip Jabuani|Stock Updates

Strong opening order book and healthy bid pipeline ensures 15% revenue growth in FY2018 with an improvement in EBITDA Margin.During FY2017 KEC has regained its EBITDA margin in range of 9-11% after six financial years. Management’s continuous focus on the business turnaround of SAE, railway and cable vertical has paid the return in terms of improvement in EBITDA margin. In Q....

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Why Price Earnings Ratio (PE) matters? What Nifty PE tells rig....

May 31, 2017|Atul Mishra|Education Series

Fundamental Analysis of Nifty guides PE. PE guides the Market movement. What does Nifty PE tell about the current Market scenario?Nifty PE ranges from 10 to 25Many smart investors watch the Nifty PE (Price Earnings Ratio) for timing their investment in the stock market. The average P/E of the broad-based Nifty Index over last 20 years is ~18. Nifty is said to be trading in an undervalued zone i....

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GODREJCP- How A 120 Year Old Company Is Aiming To Grow 10 Fold....

May 30, 2017|Debanjali Sengupta|Research Digest

GodrejCP - known for Good Knight, HIT, Cinthol, Ezee and many more, is a part of 120 year old Godrej Goup and has presence and dominance in India as well as in Emerging Countries, precisely in Indonesia, Africa, Latin America and Europe.For its major product categories, the company isLargest in India, Second largest in Indonesia for - Household InsecticideNumber One In india, Number O....

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Price Score - A Unique Number Denoting Stock's Market Price Pe....

May 30, 2017|Atul Mishra|Education Series

Representing Companies’ comparative stock market returns for easy reference and analysis.Price performance is one of the most important components used for stock analysis by traders and market timers. Different analysts use different methods to indicate trends in the stock price. While some use percentage return of last three months, others use percentage return of last one year.....

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VIJAYABANK - A Mid Cap PSU Bank With Lowest Stressed Assets An....

May 30, 2017|Debanjali Sengupta|Research Digest

Out of 24 listed Public sector Banks, Vijayabank is the 18th ranked Bank in terms of Asset size.  Considering the Asset quality, the Bank ranked 4th in terms of NNPA. The Bank has NNPA of 4.74% compared to IOB which had the highest NNPA at 14.3%. Also, interesting, though being small, it has the highest NIM of 2.85% in the last quarter compared to the least NIM reported by United....

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Decoding Warren Buffett’s Rule No. 1

May 30, 2017|Vineeta Sharma|Blogs from Our Experts

One should not invest in a company where there might be a permanent loss of Capital.“Rule No. 1: Never Lose Money. Rule No. 2: Don’t forget rule No. 1”. You all must have read these lines on a calendar or on a diary as a special quote by Warren Buffet and acknowledged or referred to friends at some point of time, especially if you are into the stock market investment. It takes only two min....

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EICHERMOTOR- A Classic Growth Stock That Peter Lynch Would Lov....

May 30, 2017|Debanjali Sengupta|Research Digest

 Last 10 years at a glance:Motor cycles volumes - 17 times in 10 years (the sell of two-wheelers increased from 3600 to 6000 per month in recent times)Profits- 30 times in last 10 years – annual Profits rose from Rs. 60 to Rs. 1660 Cr. in FY2017Shareholders wealth- 100 times in 10 years- Rs 704 Cr Market Cap to current Rs 73500 Cr.But the history of the brand "Bullet" is not....

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India for Indians First

May 29, 2017|Krishna Narnolia|Blogs from Our Experts

India, Indian economy and Indians are in a sweet spot of prosperity and fortune.“If you want to look smart, sound intelligent and be called a visionary, do what the westerners (especially Americans) do”. This is what influences the thought process of the common people at large and economic pundits in particular across the globe.  There is nothing wrong in Google search, MS office and socia....

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GST- Biggest Reform In Indian Economy Post 1991 Liberalisation

May 26, 2017|Shailendra Kumar|Blogs from Our Experts

Biggest transformation due to GST in our country will be formalization of the economy.Nifty went up by 18.54% in just concluded financial year 2016-17 (FY17). Beyond this headline number there were two key trends for market this year. 1-Most of the market gains came in the last quarter of the financial year. Nifty was up just by 2% (7738 to 7893) in the f....

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Looking Back at GST’s Journey: How the Idea is Nearing Reality!

May 18, 2017|Debanjali Sengupta|Education Series

India Government is on its way to rolling out the biggest tax reform - Goods and Services Tax (GST) from July 1, 2017. GST is expected to be the most powerful reform since liberalization in 1991. Business landscape in India post 1991is vastly different than before. Similarly, GST is expected to change the way business happens in India in a structural sense. In the meantime, since the introducti....

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Gold Demand Rose By 15% in India Signals Optimism in the Industry

May 10, 2017|Debanjali Sengupta|News Room

After an enduring demonetisation shock in the last quarter of CY2016, the rise of gold demand in India by 15% to 123.5 tonnes during the first quarter of CY2017 shows a return of optimism in the industry.  According to the World Gold Council (WGC), the total gold demand in India stood at 107.3 tonnes in January – March 2016, which was impacted by jewellers strike due to an introduction of ....

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Debt Market Weakness: Why This Might Be an Opportunity?

May 09, 2017|Kamal Kasera|Blogs from Our Experts

February was a tough month for our All Weather Fixed Income Portfolio in the midst of a dismal bond market performance. However, we believe that it was a very attractive opportunity for the clients to increase an exposure in fixed income.The RBI did not ease repo rate by 25 bps as widely anticipated and the bond market sold-off 10 year futures by almost 5% fro....

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Sensex Reclaims 30,000: What should Investors do now?

April 26, 2017|Debanjali Sengupta|Research Digest

26 April 2017 - another date to be marked in the history of the stock market, as the BSE Sensex reclaims 30,000 mark, while Nifty50 hits a lifetime high of 9360.This significant rally in Sensex in the year 2017 has happened because while India’s share of global GDP at 2.99%, its global market cap was just 2.26% at the beginning of 2017. This 0.73% gap is a wide one indeed and has been the ....

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Yes Bank: Muted Performance in 4Q FY2017

April 24, 2017|Debanjali Sengupta|Stock Updates

The stock market at times skips our heart beats with unpleasant surprises. While Yes Bank was tasting its success with strong traction in loans, healthy deposit growth, and stable margins despite one off huge provisioning, its habitual well-rounded performance got dampened by the sharp rise in Gross Non-performing Assets (GNPAs) during the 4Q FY2017. As a result, on April 20, 2017, th....

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5 Important Things You Must Take into Account While Buying a H....

April 19, 2017|Debanjali Sengupta|Insurance & NPS

A health insurance has become an inevitable thing in today’s era of skyrocketing medical expenses. If you do not have one for you and your family, you are guaranteed to end up shedding a huge amount of money on medical bills. But choosing the right health insurance plan keeping yours and your family’s requirement in mind is not a cake piece, rather a serious decision and tricky as well, es....

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A Few Essential Tips and Tricks to Invest In Indian Share Market

April 06, 2017|Debanjali Sengupta|Education Series

The lure of big money often throws investors into the lap of the share market. Among them, while some turn out to be the successful investors, others wane to achieve their goals. That’s not only because of investing in the share market and earning a sizeable profit is a tough nut to crack but because of the lack of patience, discipline, and adequate research work during the investment....

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5 Smart Ways to Retire Rich

March 28, 2017|Debanjali Sengupta|Education Series

What exactly do you see when you envision your retirement? You and your loved ones are on a holiday; you are indulging in hobbies which you did not get the time for during your work life or simply pinching pennies to pay the bills? If not the last one you want, then start planning for your retirement now. Here are a few smart ways to retire rich, in case you wonder how.Live a frugal life: Haven....

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Customer is your God and Customer Service is your Religion

March 22, 2017|Romit Barat|Blogs from Our Experts

“….Customer is your God and Customer Service is your religion. Your business or workplace is your temple and you are the priest……” ~AnonymousWow!! That is simply a golden word that is hard coated to every business manager. Truly, no doubt that in business, while “Customers are God”, we live by our religion. But a lot of time we observe that this is practiced in contrary.When our ....

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A Complete Guideline for Choosing the Right Term Insurance

March 15, 2017|Debanjali Sengupta|Insurance & NPS

“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live” ~ Norman Cousins.So, get rid of your greatest fear what will happen to your family if you have an early death by securing their financial future with a ‘Term Insurance’ plan. Term Insurance is the most traditional form of life insurance wherein the insured gets a full coverage for a defined period o....

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NO Business is a Bad Business, It is a Badly Run Business

March 08, 2017|Romit Barat|Blogs from Our Experts

It is a common proverb which we had learnt in our childhood days “Rome was not built in a single day”. In today’s capital market, neither good businesses nor good companies are built over single day. Yet our inquisitive minds keep searching for the best company. While there are quite a few parameters which definitely define a good company but the core truth lies with the management an....

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Health Insurance is Still Embraced by Less Than 1 Per Cent of ....

March 06, 2017|Debanjali Sengupta|News Room

Despite the fact that health insurance is one of the most important things for each and every individual, irrespective of age, sex, and income, it still comes to our notice that less than 1 per cent of elderly in India possesses a health insurance policy. Well, the reason being the exclusion of certain diseases from policies, such as cardiovascular diseases, cataract, cancer, arthritis, osteopo....

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Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Mutual Funds

March 04, 2017|Debanjali Sengupta|Mutual Funds

With a plethora of investment options right from stocks to bonds to money market shares, there lays a question in investors’ minds why they should invest in mutual funds over so many choices of investments in order to achieve their much needed financial goals. Well, here we are to answer the question “WHY” they should invest, but before we proceed, let us provide you with a statistic on the gro....

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Financial Ambition Is Linked To Your Investment Behavior

March 03, 2017|Romit Barat|Blogs from Our Experts

The marriage season is fully on and fortunately, I was attending a sole invitation for this season. Thanks to the recently visionary demonetization initiative. People have actually become more cautious to discretionary spends. But surprisingly, what stroke me while participating in an informal chat with the guest (this seems so usual in a marriage party and especially with me, thanks to my prof....

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Inflection in Net Leveraging Force: Precursor to a Potential R....

January 27, 2017|Kamal Kasera|Blogs from Our Experts

We want to start by explaining our central tenet behind the macro view of the world. It rests on determining the net leveraging force. What do we mean by net leveraging force? The world always faces two kinds of force at any point of time i.e. re-leveraging and de-leveraging force. As the name implies re-leveraging force is positive and good for financial assets while de-leveraging force is neg....

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Recipe For Investment

January 27, 2017|Kamal Kasera|Blogs from Our Experts

We have attached annualized returns from world’s 10 largest economies for equity, fixed income and currency for 2015. The equity and fixed income returns are in local currency whereas currency is in dollar terms. As far as the bad news is concerned, we seem to be headed towards a low return world with worldwide momentum in equities failing and fixed income moderating. The good news is....

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India Growth Story

January 27, 2017|Kamal Kasera|Blogs from Our Experts

India is set to become one of the fastest growing major economies in the world over the next several years. New forecasts from the World Bank show India will be a bright spot amid a gloomy outlook for developing countries in the next two years. The bank says that India is "well positioned to withstand near-term headwinds and volatility in global financial markets" compared with other major emer....

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Demonetization - A Perspective

January 27, 2017|Kamal Kasera|Blogs from Our Experts

Some fruits smell better than they taste. That is how we would describe demonetization.The obvious benefits of demonetization – reducing black money, impairing terrorist funding, reducing counterfeiting etc. are noble goals. Similarly, drawbacks such as short term hit to economy and disruption to day to day life are also obvious. Whether one can truly achieve the noble goals at the cost of draw....

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The Accounting Behind Note Printing

January 27, 2017|KK Mishra|Blogs from Our Experts

A question that always comes to mind is that who decides How much additional money need to be printed. The answer is RBI. Can it print as much money as it wants to? The simple answer is yes.In consultation with ministry of finance it decides on the quantum of money to be printed. This is based basically on three things – A. Size of mutilated torned off notes needs to be destroyed, B. Size of th....

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Negative Interest Rates: Implications for Asset Allocation

January 27, 2017|Kamal Kasera|Blogs from Our Experts

We must confess that prognosticating about future asset returns globally in a presumably low return world has become very difficult due to the market numbing sanitizing action of the central banks. Our fear is that we will misinterpret market signals and at some point of time find ourselves exposed in the most humiliating of ways.Interest rates are plunging to all-time lows in the dev....

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Structural Measures To Start Showing Results Shortly

January 27, 2017|Kamal Kasera|Blogs from Our Experts

Amid all the news, views and counter views around `acchey din`, it`s a fact that BJP government has initiated some strong structural measures to improve Indian economy since coming to power in 2014. Power sector reforms, railway infrastructure up-gradation, urban infrastructure up-gradation, defense production are all very strong measure and will surely usher in br....

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