Reduction in inflation forecast for FY19 makes RBI policy even....
April 16, 2018|Shailendra Kumar|Blogs from Our Experts

RBI credit policy was in –line with market expectation in terms of maintaining status quo on policy rates. What made the policy eventful was sharp reduction in inflation forecast for FY19.Though stance on policy rate was as anticipated given the backdrop of government assertion that both fiscal deficit and revenue shortfall in FY18 would be lower than revised budge....

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Professionalization of Indian Businesses
September 08, 2017|Shailendra Kumar|Blogs from Our Experts

One of the key hypotheses behind Indian business growth going forward is ‘Professionalization of Indian businesses’. Professionalization is the backbone on which the thesis of ‘formalization of economy’ rests.One of the key hypotheses behind Indian business growth going forward is ‘professionalization of Indian businesses’. Professionalization is the backbone on which the thesis of ‘formal....

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Decoding Warren Buffett’s Rule No. 1
May 30, 2017|Vineeta Sharma|Blogs from Our Experts

One should not invest in a company where there might be a permanent loss of Capital.“Rule No. 1: Never Lose Money. Rule No. 2: Don’t forget rule No. 1”. You all must have read these lines on a calendar or on a diary as a special quote by Warren Buffet and acknowledged or referred to friends at some point of time, especially if you are into the stock market investment. It takes only two min....

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India for Indians First
May 29, 2017|Krishna Narnolia|Blogs from Our Experts

India, Indian economy and Indians are in a sweet spot of prosperity and fortune.“If you want to look smart, sound intelligent and be called a visionary, do what the westerners (especially Americans) do”. This is what influences the thought process of the common people at large and economic pundits in particular across the globe.  There is nothing wrong in Google search, MS office and socia....

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GST- Biggest Reform In Indian Economy Post 1991 Liberalisation
May 26, 2017|Shailendra Kumar|Blogs from Our Experts

Biggest transformation due to GST in our country will be formalization of the economy.Nifty went up by 18.54% in just concluded financial year 2016-17 (FY17). Beyond this headline number there were two key trends for market this year. 1-Most of the market gains came in the last quarter of the financial year. Nifty was up just by 2% (7738 to 7893) in the f....

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Debt Market Weakness: Why This Might Be an Opportunity?
May 09, 2017|Kamal Kasera|Blogs from Our Experts

February was a tough month for our All Weather Fixed Income Portfolio in the midst of a dismal bond market performance. However, we believe that it was a very attractive opportunity for the clients to increase an exposure in fixed income.The RBI did not ease repo rate by 25 bps as widely anticipated and the bond market sold-off 10 year futures by almost 5% fro....

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Customer is your God and Customer Service is your Religion
March 22, 2017|Romit Barat|Blogs from Our Experts

“….Customer is your God and Customer Service is your religion. Your business or workplace is your temple and you are the priest……” ~AnonymousWow!! That is simply a golden word that is hard coated to every business manager. Truly, no doubt that in business, while “Customers are God”, we live by our religion. But a lot of time we observe that this is practiced in contrary.When our ....

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NO Business is a Bad Business, It is a Badly Run Business
March 08, 2017|Romit Barat|Blogs from Our Experts

It is a common proverb which we had learnt in our childhood days “Rome was not built in a single day”. In today’s capital market, neither good businesses nor good companies are built over single day. Yet our inquisitive minds keep searching for the best company. While there are quite a few parameters which definitely define a good company but the core truth lies with the management an....

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Financial Ambition Is Linked To Your Investment Behavior
March 03, 2017|Romit Barat|Blogs from Our Experts

The marriage season is fully on and fortunately, I was attending a sole invitation for this season. Thanks to the recently visionary demonetization initiative. People have actually become more cautious to discretionary spends. But surprisingly, what stroke me while participating in an informal chat with the guest (this seems so usual in a marriage party and especially with me, thanks to my prof....

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Inflection in Net Leveraging Force: Precursor to a Potential R....
January 27, 2017|Kamal Kasera|Blogs from Our Experts

We want to start by explaining our central tenet behind the macro view of the world. It rests on determining the net leveraging force. What do we mean by net leveraging force? The world always faces two kinds of force at any point of time i.e. re-leveraging and de-leveraging force. As the name implies re-leveraging force is positive and good for financial assets while de-leveraging force is neg....

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Structural Measures To Start Showing Results Shortly
January 27, 2017|Kamal Kasera|Blogs from Our Experts

Amid all the news, views and counter views around `acchey din`, it`s a fact that BJP government has initiated some strong structural measures to improve Indian economy since coming to power in 2014. Power sector reforms, railway infrastructure up-gradation, urban infrastructure up-gradation, defense production are all very strong measure and will surely usher in br....

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Demonetization - A Perspective
January 27, 2017|Kamal Kasera|Blogs from Our Experts

Some fruits smell better than they taste. That is how we would describe demonetization.The obvious benefits of demonetization – reducing black money, impairing terrorist funding, reducing counterfeiting etc. are noble goals. Similarly, drawbacks such as short term hit to economy and disruption to day to day life are also obvious. Whether one can truly achieve the noble goals at the cost of draw....

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The Accounting Behind Note Printing
January 27, 2017|KK Mishra|Blogs from Our Experts

A question that always comes to mind is that who decides How much additional money need to be printed. The answer is RBI. Can it print as much money as it wants to? The simple answer is yes.In consultation with ministry of finance it decides on the quantum of money to be printed. This is based basically on three things – A. Size of mutilated torned off notes needs to be destroyed, B. Size of th....

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Recipe For Investment
January 27, 2017|Kamal Kasera|Blogs from Our Experts

We have attached annualized returns from world’s 10 largest economies for equity, fixed income and currency for 2015. The equity and fixed income returns are in local currency whereas currency is in dollar terms. As far as the bad news is concerned, we seem to be headed towards a low return world with worldwide momentum in equities failing and fixed income moderating. The good news is....

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India Growth Story
January 27, 2017|Kamal Kasera|Blogs from Our Experts

India is set to become one of the fastest growing major economies in the world over the next several years. New forecasts from the World Bank show India will be a bright spot amid a gloomy outlook for developing countries in the next two years. The bank says that India is "well positioned to withstand near-term headwinds and volatility in global financial markets" compared with other major emer....

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Negative Interest Rates: Implications for Asset Allocation
January 27, 2017|Kamal Kasera|Blogs from Our Experts

We must confess that prognosticating about future asset returns globally in a presumably low return world has become very difficult due to the market numbing sanitizing action of the central banks. Our fear is that we will misinterpret market signals and at some point of time find ourselves exposed in the most humiliating of ways.Interest rates are plunging to all-time lows in the dev....

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