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Decoding Mystery of Physical Settlement in FUTURES

July 25, 2018|Prakash Modi|Education Series

NSE has come up with notification mentioning physical settlements of stock derivatives shall be mandatory in a phased / calibrated manner.NSE has currently notified the list of 46 stocks undergoing the physical settlements as mentioned in the list. (Refer how will the physical settlement work for the participants in the....

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Quant Structure of the Market (December’17): 10 Stocks to Go Long

January 19, 2018|Atul Mishra|Education Series

Recap of December2017: The month of December saw a healthy growth by broader indices with Nifty, Nifty 500, Nifty Mid Cap and Nifty small cap growing by 2.97%, 3.67%6.62% and 4.37% respectively.Among sectoral indices, Materials, Industrials, Consumer Discretionary, Consumers Staples, Healthcare, Information Technology and Telecom were major gainers and rose by 4.86%, 5.44%, 5.92%, 4.06%, 5....

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Quant Structure of the Market (November’17- a classic case of ....

December 13, 2017|Atul Mishra|Education Series

Recap of November 2017: Nifty fell by 1.05% during the month; Nifty 500 grew by 0.01%while Nifty Mid Cap and Nifty small cap gained 1.62% and 1.90% respectively.In terms of sector, Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Information Technology and Industrials rose by 3.33%, 1.36%, 3.29% and 2.09% respectively while Energy, Materials, Health Care, Financials, Telecom and Utilities fell by 3.67....

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Quant Structure of the Market (October ’17): 3 Stocks to go Long

November 08, 2017|Atul Mishra|Education Series

For the month of October’17, Quant recommended 3 Long stocks ideas- Williamson Magor, Emami Ltd and Take Solutions that went up by average 12.85%      -atul.mishra@narnolia.comRecap of October 2017: Nifty grew by 5.59% during the month; Nifty 500 grew by 6.44% while Nifty Mid Cap grew by 8.12% while Nifty small cap grew by 12.73%.In terms of sector, Energy, Materials, Indust....

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Quant Structure Recap of the Market (September ’17): Performan....

October 14, 2017|Atul Mishra|Education Series

In the month of September’17, Quant recommended Stocks like TV Today, KNR Cons and DB Corp went up by 14.8% average, while shares to sell Welspun India and Idea fell by 13.3%.Recap of September 2017: Nifty fell by 0.97% during the month of September, while Nifty 500 fell by 0.73% and Nifty Mid Cap and Nifty Small Cap fell by 0.57% and 2.12% respectivelyOn the other hand, in terms of sector, mat....

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Quant Structure Recap of the Market (August’17): 3 Long Stocks....

September 05, 2017|Atul Mishra|Education Series

For the month of August’17, Quant recommended Stocks Grasim Ltd., Ambuja Cement Ltd. and Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd. went up by average 5.8%, while shares to sell ADF Foods Ltd. and Subros Ltd. fell by 8.3%.Recap of August 2017: Nifty fell by 1.6% during the month; Nifty 500 fell by 1.1% while Nifty Mid Cap fell by 1.3% and Nifty small cap fell by mere 0.7%. Such narrow loss for t....

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Earning Score – Unique Number Denoting Stock’s Fundamental Cha....

July 25, 2017|Atul Mishra|Education Series

Representing companies comparative earning growth and earning quality through unique scores for easy reference and further analysis.A company`s earning growth is an important parameter to compute company valuation whether we follow absolute valuation method like discounted cash flow or relative valuation method like P/E ratio, EV/Ebdita etc. Corporate earning ....

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Share Buyback – the New Normal, Harming True Spirit of Long te....

June 16, 2017|Anurag Arora|Education Series

Share Buyback by companies promote short-term speculations in the market, high Dividend Distribution Tax is the culprit.Whether a company announces a dividend or whether it announces share buyback to the investors, both sound equally good and impressive. But when there’s more than a way of doing something, there`s a chance of one being better than the other. Here, in this blog, we are goin....

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A Month To Go To The Roll Out: A Brief Round-up on GST

June 06, 2017|Debanjali Sengupta|Education Series

Just before a month ago, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is literally becoming the talk of the town, considering it to be the biggest reform in the Indian economy. Almost all the business leaders and consumers are looking forward to it with great anticipation. Whether it will leave a favourable impact on the Indian finance or whether it will create disruptions in business transaction....

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Why Price Earnings Ratio (PE) matters? What Nifty PE tells rig....

May 31, 2017|Atul Mishra|Education Series

Fundamental Analysis of Nifty guides PE. PE guides the Market movement. What does Nifty PE tell about the current Market scenario?Nifty PE ranges from 10 to 25Many smart investors watch the Nifty PE (Price Earnings Ratio) for timing their investment in the stock market. The average P/E of the broad-based Nifty Index over last 20 years is ~18. Nifty is said to be trading in an undervalued zone i....

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Price Score - A Unique Number Denoting Stock's Market Price Pe....

May 30, 2017|Atul Mishra|Education Series

Representing Companies’ comparative stock market returns for easy reference and analysis.Price performance is one of the most important components used for stock analysis by traders and market timers. Different analysts use different methods to indicate trends in the stock price. While some use percentage return of last three months, others use percentage return of last one year.....

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Looking Back at GST’s Journey: How the Idea is Nearing Reality!

May 18, 2017|Debanjali Sengupta|Education Series

India Government is on its way to rolling out the biggest tax reform - Goods and Services Tax (GST) from July 1, 2017. GST is expected to be the most powerful reform since liberalization in 1991. Business landscape in India post 1991is vastly different than before. Similarly, GST is expected to change the way business happens in India in a structural sense. In the meantime, since the introducti....

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A Few Essential Tips and Tricks to Invest In Indian Share Market

April 06, 2017|Debanjali Sengupta|Education Series

The lure of big money often throws investors into the lap of the share market. Among them, while some turn out to be the successful investors, others wane to achieve their goals. That’s not only because of investing in the share market and earning a sizeable profit is a tough nut to crack but because of the lack of patience, discipline, and adequate research work during the investment....

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5 Smart Ways to Retire Rich

March 28, 2017|Debanjali Sengupta|Education Series

What exactly do you see when you envision your retirement? You and your loved ones are on a holiday; you are indulging in hobbies which you did not get the time for during your work life or simply pinching pennies to pay the bills? If not the last one you want, then start planning for your retirement now. Here are a few smart ways to retire rich, in case you wonder how.Live a frugal life: Haven....

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