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Fall in IIP & Inflation suggest room for a rate cut

August 21, 2019|Dhwanik Shah|News Room

The Industrial Output for the month of June 2019 further collapsed to 2 percent from 3.1 percent a month agoThe improvement in the electricity growth at 8.2 percent on a lower base has been insufficient to carry the growth forward Mining and Manufacturing activity showed  weak growth rates at 1.6 percent and 1.2 percent respectively.As per the use based classification the capital goods saw....

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September 2018 is flooded by NCDs: Risk to Fund Flow to equity

September 12, 2018|Prakash Modi|News Room

Rising crude prices, strengthening Dollar i.e. depreciating local currencies and widening CAD (Current Account Deficit) in case of India, are some of the key factors that are affecting major of emerging markets across the globe including India in recent past. Now this supported by possibilities of raising interest rates (by US FED and probably followed by ECBs) makes the spread between debt and....

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Gold to Silver Ratio: Is Gold glittering more than Silver?

September 06, 2018|Prakash Modi|News Room

What is Gold to Silver ratio?The Gold to Silver ratio is widely calculated in the international arena by investors by dividing current price of Gold per ounce with the current price of Silver per ounce. In simple words, gold to silver ratio is the amount of silver it takes to purchase equivalent unit of weight of gold. Assuming a hypothetical scenario, if the price of Gold i....

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Fed Powell Shifting Towards New Normal, Sidelines Trump’s Crit....

August 30, 2018|Sakina Mandsaurwala|News Room

The US Fed Chairman Powell emphasized the central bank`s push to raise interest rates despite President Donald Trump`s recent criticism of higher interest rates. The topic of Fed Powell speech at the Jackson Hole Symposium was “Monetary Policy in Changing Economy”. US have gradually raised its interest rates from 0.25% at crisis level towards the new normal rate of 2.0% at present. Fe....

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The currency Crisis- Turkey Angle!!!

August 20, 2018|Pratik Poddar|News Room

Over the past one week, an event has grappled everyone’s eyes with a dramatic fall of about 40% in Turkish Lira against dollar denoting the crisis hit by the country. The currency has fallen over 80% on YTD basis. Now, one would wonder as to what could have potentially gone wrong that led to such a downfall in a country’s currency. While Lira depreciated 30% until July this year, the ....

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Highly active CENTRAL BANKS: Caution Ahead!

August 13, 2018|Pratik Poddar|News Room

Central Banks over the world have played a crucial role in the economic development of any country. There are various economic tools in the arsenal of a Central Bank that enables to effectively oversee the economic status of a country. A country’s fiscal status, credit environment and inflation scenario are the main driving indicators of economic outlook.Over the past two weeks, World witnessed....

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Indian Chemical Industry The China Factor! Loss to One, gain f....

July 25, 2018|Pratik Poddar|News Room

The world is crippling today with the rising fear to mounting environmental concerns. The need to act for the betterment of the world against ‘Climate Change’ gave rise to the need of the famous Paris Agreement. Of the many countries severely facing the issue of the poor environment, China has been the one to be amongst the most vulnerable countries. The country, since the beginning o....

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Flying high- US China Trade War and India

July 16, 2018|Pratik Poddar|News Room

Dalal Street hit an all-time high on Friday breaking the January highs amidst the global uncertainties driven by the trade war tensions looming majorly between the two largest economies in the world viz. US and China. An event that is so meticulously tracked, it is overshadowing otherwise important events of crude volatility and BREXIT.Following table presents the YTD returns of Index ....

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Nifty Crosses 11,000, Sensex Hits 36,000: New Year Being Merri....

January 23, 2018|Debanjali Sengupta|News Room

Nothing can be a better new year for the investors than coming across splendid news like the BSE Sensex hits the psychological mark of 36,000 and NSE Nifty breaches 11,000, led by the rally in shares of RIL and Infosys. This is by far the sharpest gain in Asia after the US government passed a temporary funding bill that ended the shutdown in the world’s largest economy.January 23, 9:20 AM witne....

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Auto Ancillary: Anti-Dumping Duty, A Sigh of Relief for Domest....

September 23, 2017|Naveen Kumar Dubey|News Room

The government of India has imposed an anti-dumping duty on certain types of truck-bus radial tyres to protect the domestic tyre manufacturers from below-cost shipments from China. The anti-dumping duty has been imposed in the range of USD 245.35 - 452.33 per tonne for the duration of five years. The truck and bus radial tyres constitute 55% of total industry`s revenue. The TBR tyres ....

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Sensex Outperforms 32,000: Why & How

July 17, 2017|Debanjali Sengupta|News Room

Not a very long ago, on April 26, 2017, the Indian stock market celebrated a historic event as the Sensex closed above 30000 for the first time.Exactly eleven weeks since then it’s again time to celebrate the occasion of the Sensex`s achievement for attaining another milestone. On Thursday, July 13, 2017, the Sensex kissed the glory of 32,000 points for the first time ever. Thanks to the low in....

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Gold Demand Rose By 15% in India Signals Optimism in the Industry

May 10, 2017|Debanjali Sengupta|News Room

After an enduring demonetisation shock in the last quarter of CY2016, the rise of gold demand in India by 15% to 123.5 tonnes during the first quarter of CY2017 shows a return of optimism in the industry.  According to the World Gold Council (WGC), the total gold demand in India stood at 107.3 tonnes in January – March 2016, which was impacted by jewellers strike due to an introduction of ....

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Health Insurance is Still Embraced by Less Than 1 Per Cent of ....

March 06, 2017|Debanjali Sengupta|News Room

Despite the fact that health insurance is one of the most important things for each and every individual, irrespective of age, sex, and income, it still comes to our notice that less than 1 per cent of elderly in India possesses a health insurance policy. Well, the reason being the exclusion of certain diseases from policies, such as cardiovascular diseases, cataract, cancer, arthritis, osteopo....

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