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Customer is your God and Customer Service is your Religion


“….Customer is your God and Customer Service is your religion. Your business or workplace is your temple and you are the priest……” ~Anonymous

Wow!! That is simply a golden word that is hard coated to every business manager. Truly, no doubt that in business, while “Customers are God”, we live by our religion. But a lot of time we observe that this is practiced in contrary.

When our business growth is “Incremental”, the requirement for customer service is “Exponential”. But many times in reality, it just happens the opposite. The business growth is “Exponential” and the focus on Customer Service is merely “Incremental”. We simply follow “Atheism” in handling difficult customers. To me one of the most important reasons for being “Atheist” is the lack of ownership or shortsightedness. This may arise of many situations. One of the major reasons is the “Mismatch of Vision” shared by the Business owner and that of his employees. Do you think the visionary business leaders would see their “Customers” with same “irritation” which the customer servicing team does? The business owner might wish to have more and more customers at his business while the “customer servicing team” sees “Customers” as a “Burden” and “Headache”. Believe me I heard this in one of my recent interactions with one of my contacts who works with a Customer Servicing team at a large “Hotel Chain”. Most of the time, the answer is “No” and the reason is “lack of ownership”.

Quality customer service is the key element required for a successful business. In this customer driven market, where competition is stiffer, “Every customer retained is a new customer earned”. So, exceptional business growth cannot be achieved without exceptional customer orientation. So, simply put, “believing in God won’t suffice; practicing religion will only lead us to eternity”. From the long term growth of business perspective, quality customer handling can create “positive customer feedback” which in turn will lead to “Greater Business Growth”. The easiest and the best way to promote your business are through “Positive word of mouth” and that your existing customer is the best marketing medium for such viral. While Quality customer orientation is great to expand your business, great customer servicing is ideal way to consolidate (retain) and stand out from the crowd. A famous quote from Mr. Warren Buffet says “The first sign of corporate decay lies in A-B-C Symptom” . While A stands for Arrogance, B stands for Bureaucracy and C stands for Complacency. The first sign of this A-B-C symptom is always shown in the customer service department. So, great customer service leads us to great business growth which in turn will grow my employee earnings to higher sales growth. So, we create a “Happy Growing Family”. And no other than you are the “Priest” to this “powerful God”. So next time when you interact with your new or prospective customer, remember that.

“…Customer is your God; Customer service is your religion. Your work is your temple and you are the priest…..”

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