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Business Model
What we deliver and how

The business model is centered around the vision, mission and core purpose of the organization. It was realized that the interests of the customers (core purpose) could best be served if we have the expertise to create such products and services which can truly serve the interests of the investors and then if we have a distribution channel which can deliver such products and services in the most personalized, localized and efficient way.


Fund Management

Creating superior risk adjusted returns consistently through our Model Funds in Fixed Income, Alternate Investment Funds, Commodity, Forex, Mutual Funds and Equity (Mid Cap & Large Cap)

Wealth Management

Creating wealth management solutions suitable to ones individual goals, risk appetite and time horizon.


Advisory and distribution of other financial products like Real Estate, Primary Markets, Insurance, Advice Based Mutual Funds, NBFC (Margin Funding, LAS, etc.), NPS. .


Helping traders beyond platforms with tools and ready made solutions.

Corporates & Institutions

Information Desk
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