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The Ten Commandments

Our Credo – The Ten Commandments


Company is bigger than any individual. Difference of opinion is treated with equal respect as agreement at the planning or feedback levels but once a policy decision has been taken that must be followed with respect and 100% commitment irrespective of individual opinions.


Employment is like a partnership between like-minded people who share common values and who can help each other. It's better to quit in case of cultural misfit than to criticize the company or its associates with mal intentions before any one.


Not to forget that you are a brand ambassador of the company even beyond office hours. As such, avoid relations beyond the dignity of the office and don't ignore the relatives, friends and clients of other associates, don't let the phone calls of yours and nearby ringing and be careless while talking etc.


No mis selling and no unauthorized trade or trade in self or self type account or any dishonest practices. It is a crime and will be dealt with accordingly. Must believe that transparency leads to long-term benefits.


Learn to take responsibility and give credit to the people around you.


Do not go to any seniors with problems without giving a serious thought to the possible solutions.


Respect for time of self and others: not to be late by anytime in any of the client meetings/dot meeting and never lie to justify the delay. Strict no to gossiping and visiting social or other irrelevant sites during office hours.


Not to differentiate between direct branch and business partner channel. Never boast to represent direct branch as against the respected business partner.


Not to ignore trainings, exams etc. which helps to create wealth for our investors and also enriches you and the company.


Not to violate the HR code of conducts and confidentiality agreement including false reporting, unauthorized use of office facilities, delays in payouts to anyone, engagement in any outside occupation beyond the company, groupism at the cost of the team spirit.


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