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Value Proposition

We are a Full Service Brokerage organization by business and we are a Full Human Resource Proficient organization by character. At Narnolia we recognize the absolute truth that in our line of business our team is the cutting edge we have as an organization in the market. Products, processes, prices all can be replicated however we cherish with pride we have the best talent: identified, nurtured and harnessed by us. We believe at Narnolia that individuals with us are not employees but our associates and partners in our growth story. When we invite someone to associate with us we are actually recognizing the fact that they are coming to our family. We also recognize the fact that our associates give their best years and quality time to the organization and that they spend their time, mind and emotional space with the organization and their colleagues more than they do with their own families, hence as an organization we strive to ensure that associates are in a family at work also. Our work ethics compel us to adopt a philosophy that it is the organization's responsibility as much as it is the individual associated responsibility to ensure that each and every individual performs and realizes one's potential.

Our Developmental Process

Learning and development is a way of life at Narnolia. We believe all individuals have unlimited potential and that their energies need to be channelized and harnessed to show the desired results. We have a comprehensive process of identifying the qualities and acumen of each individual and accordingly relevantexposure and opportunities are provided to portray and realize one's true potential.

Induction :

We begin an associate's tenure with us with a comprehensive orientation and induction process, which not only provides the associate vital information as regards the organization and products but also provides him a line of sight to the vision and goals of the organizations vis a vis his role and specific areas of contribution to the organization.

Training :

As a full services brokerage organization the intensity at which we need to equip our associates is greater than most in our industry. Our products demand superior knowledge, skills and behavioral traits for them to be taken to our esteemed customers. We have a robust training process,wherein each associates training needs are clearly identified and aligned with organization's goals and met with world class training interventions. We have an entire strength of training capability both internal and external as training faculty. We have a state of the art training infrastructure and tools for delivery of training with periodic assessments and refresher programs.

Talent Management and Careers :

We have an elaborate organization structure with well defined roles, the underlying philosophy is that existing and internal associates get the opportunity to take up higher roles in the organization through well defined career path. We have many associated who hold senior positions in the organization who joined us in the junior most roles. We believe our maximum recruitment has to be in the junior roles only and in line with organization's philosophy we provide more responsibility and exposure to associates so they grow in their careers. However for some unique and critical roles we also recruit laterally wherein again clearly defined growth path is provided.

Our Value System

We are a 100% complaint and no nonsense organization when it is pertaining to ethics and work culture. We urge candidates to examine themselves before applying to us as there is no compromise on ethics and fairness. At Narnolia we ensure that common values and culture, conducive to performance are maintained with the utmost diligence.

Our Engagement and Welfare

We have an elaborate framework of policies, which provide associates with the policies, which compare with the best in the industry in terms of welfare facilities like Insurance, medical and social security. There are regular events, fun activities and picnics conducted for fun and re enforcing the competitive and team spirit among associates.

Our World Class Products

We have the best in class products delivered through a unique technology platform. Our products are created in such a way that there is ease of comprehension for both the associate and customers. Our investments in technology have yielded a very unique and world-class experience in both selling for associate and transacting for customers. Our applications have undergone thorough brainstorming and severe tests and thereby ensuring several reports and analytics on the click of a button for enhancing ones insights in their respective business and products.

Our Compensation

We follow the principal of meritocracy and our compensation structure in the organization is purely designed to ensure this core value. We have a very balanced structure of fixed pay and variable, which is at par with the best in the industry.The philosophy is that "perform more and earn more". For certain roles and deserving employees we would be offering ESOPs as part of their compensations. There are many rewards from time to time which are provided to associates to celebrate success. There is a prestigious annual Best Employees Award, which is aspired by the entire organization and strived hard by the associates in head to head battle for supreme performance.

Culture – Entrepreneur Associates

Culturally we uphold the values as defined in our heritage as Indians. We are an equal opportunity organization, fair and progressive in our outlook. We believe in empowering our associates to define their business contours and support them to achieve the desired results. We strongly pursue and advocate the spirit of entrepreneurship in all our associates wherein we encourage them to take projects and business initiatives for superior returns. We are very conscious of every penny we spend, our associates have the freedom and belief that the organization's assets and money as their own and they use and spend them accordingly. This culture, which is imbibed in each of our associates, has indeed ensured a solid bond with the organization and ensured a very strong sense of loyalty and belongingness. As a result there are long tenures and arguably the lowest rate of employee attrition in the industry.


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