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Core Philosophies


Core Values of Investing

Fund managers or advisors have a fiduciary responsibility to its customers to protect and generate superior return at a given risk compared to the no brainer relevant benchmark and the peers. But, data suggest that majority of the fund managers and advisors across times and across countries have failed to do so, either because of insufficient capabilities or lack of discipline. We, at Narnolia, have consistently been No 1 or amongst the top performers, largely because of a disciplined, unbiased, process and data driven multi asset, multi strategy framework.

Superior and Consistent Risk Adjusted Returns

Not only do we focus on returns, we also focus on the quality of returns. Our objective is to maximize returns per unit of risk for the investor.

Sole Fund Management Focus

We believe Fund Management is a serious business and it merits our singular focus. At Narnolia our only business is to manage assets for our clients. We are not in other areas of finance such as broking, consulting and distribution.

Research, Data & Analytics Driven

We have created the best data-driven buy-side research teams in the country, with capabilities spread across asset classes and investment strategies. We use our extensive in-house data framework & infrastructure built over the past decade for both domestic and international securities to support our research process. Our proprietary analytical engine with intelligent strategy development and testing capabilities provides quantitative as well as qualitative support in selecting appropriate investment strategies.

Clients First

We not only believe in providing the best investment management services to our clients but also believe in keeping them fully engaged and informed. We strive to create awareness about different assets,investment strategies and the risk profile of the client's portfolio. We believe that clients demand both quantity and quality in investment returns.


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