Distribution of financial products has gone through various stages in the last 25 years. In its organized form, distribution is just about 2 decades old when brokers and bankers took it upon them to distribute financial products like mutual funds, bonds and IPOs. But the focus was still on products. The big shift in the last few years has been the shift from product approach to a solution based approach. At Narnolia we have proactively adopted a solution based approach to distribution of financial products with a special focus on mutual funds to meet your long term goals.

The Giraffe versus the Dinosaurs

The theory of evolution says that the species that survives and thrives is not the strongest but the most adaptable to change. When grasslands started vanishing, giraffes started eating tree leaves, which explains their long necks. The giraffe, although less powerful than the dinosaurs, managed to adapt to changing conditions. An inability to adapt explains why the Dinosaurs became extinct. In India, the distribution business has shifted gradually but surely towards a more solution based approach. Clients do not want to buy products but they want to buy solutions that are relevant to their medium and long term goals. That is the new approach to distribution of financial products.

Narnolia approach – We are adapted to the new order

At Narnolia we look at distribution as providing solutions to clients. Today, clients have a variety of goals that require wealth creation over the longer term. Clients need to blend return maximization, risk minimization, liquidity and tax efficiency into their financial plans. That is why the Narnolia approach is built around these 5 pillars that define our strategy.

  • Equity for wealth creation: Our financial solutions are the leit motif of our distribution activity. Our focus is primarily on equity as an asset class for wealth creation and equity funds as the preferred vehicle for wealth creation due to their combination of professional management and diversification.
  • Mutual funds for goals: Our solutions rely on mutual funds for specific goals as they are flexible and can be synchronized with the unique needs of an individual. Mutual funds offer variety and performance, which is evident from the flows.
  • Solution based approach: An investment and risk management solutions is the primary product that Narnolia offers and the sale of financial products is purely incidental to the solutions on offer.
  • Systematic research filtering: Investments are complex because they entail a plethora of products on offer and need to factor in market realities. Our solutions not only hedge you against the market risks but also empower you to best capitalize on the emerging opportunities in the financial market.
  • Monitoring and rebalancing: The entire investment and solution process is incomplete without a very rigorous monitoring, reporting and regular rebalancing if required. Our solutions are not only data driven but also enhanced by the power of our algorithms and the combined expertise of our analysts, economists and chartists.

Distribution at Narnolia - Our commitment

At Narnolia we don’t sell products; we offer solutions that are consistent with your goals. It is all about making the client the nucleus of the solutions. Here is how we approach distribution of financial products.

  • Strong accent on research capabilities to mine and understand the entire product spectrum in the market in an in-depth manner.
  • We begin with your goal in mind and then work backwards to fit the best financial products as a solution for achieving the goal.
  • We adopt a four-pronged approach to financial solutions which covers return maximization, risk minimization, liquidity optimization and tax efficiency.
  • We approach solutions by leveraging equities for long term wealth creation and debt funds for providing stability, regular flows and diversification to the portfolio.
  • Our financial solutions are predominantly mutual funds based, since we see them as the best instruments to offer wholesome financial solutions
  • Since the mutual fund segment offers a plethora of funds and schemes on offer, an incisive research approach at Narnolia helps the client to strait jacket each scheme into need buckets and offers the best solution to the client.

The Narnolia Advantage

The Narnolia edge in distribution of financial products stems from the following key factors


A focus on the client as the nucleus and the financial solution as the approach to buying the right kind of financial products.


A focus on the client as the nucleus and the financial solution as the approach to buying the right kind of financial products.


A research driven approach to evaluating the plethora of mutual fund products in the market based on a very fine tuned risk-return matrix


Use of intelligent algorithms to organize data and match it with goals to create a compelling financial solution that is unique only to you.


Aggressive use of artificial intelligence and machine learning based on big data to provide solutions that are dispassionate yet backed by analytical expertise.


A dialectic 3-step process to identify the right mutual funds and a 13-step filtration process to pigeon hole the right solutions to your needs.


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