• What are the different types of accounts which can be opened through Narnolia?

    The various type of accounts you can open with Narnolia depending upon your requirement:

    • 1Demat Account
    • 2Trading Account
    • 3 PMS Account
    • 4LAS
  • What are the different segments in which I can open an account?

    The different segments are:

    • 1 Equity
    • 2 Derivatives- Equity
    • 3 Derivatives- Currency
    • 4Commodity
    • 5 Mutual Fund
    • 6PMS Account
    • 7 Derivatives-Commodity
  • Who can open a Trading / Demat account with Narnolia?
    • Individual
      • Resident Individual
      • Non-Resident Individual (NRE, NRO)
    • Non-Individual
      • Corporate
      • Partnership firm
      • Trust
      • HUF
      • Registered Society
      • Unincorporated association or a body of individuals
      • Foreign Institutional Investors(FII)
      • Army/ government Bodies
      • Bank/Institutional Investors.
  • How do I request a form?

    You can visit our website and input your details or you can visit nearest branch and/or our representative will help you to open an account.

  • What documents are required to open an account with Narnolia?
    • Individual Account
      • Resident Individual
      • Non Resident Individuals
        • 1Copy of PAN card.
        • 2NRE/NRO Bank Statement & cancelled cheque.
        • 3Address proof of both the countries i.e. Indian & Foreign.
        • 4In case of NRE client- PIS (Portfolio Investment Scheme) approved letter allotted by bank. In case of NRO account- No PIS approval is required.
        • 5 Passport copy/POI (Person of India Origin) /OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) card
        • 6 Valid Visa copy
        • 7 Photograph
        • 8 Demat and Bank proof
        • 9 In case of merchant navy NRI’s, Mariners declaration or certified copy of continuous Discharge certificate (CDC) is to be submitted.
        • 10 Declaration about compliance of FEMA regulations
        • 11 KYC Documents should be attested by Notary Public, Court Magistrate, Judge, Indian Embassy/Consulate General in the country where the client resides in case In Person verification cannot be done /original documents cannot be verified.
      • Minors (Only Demat account. As sole holder)
        • ID Proof of Minor & Guardian
          • Copy of PAN Card of Minor & Guardian.
        • Residential Address proof Guardian
          • Voter Identity Card /*Passport /*Driving License /AADHAAR/ UID /Ration Card/NREGA Job Card
          • Utility Bill – Telephone Bill (only land line), Electricity
          • Bank Account Statement/ Passbook/ Bank Verification on Original Letter head c
          • Other Proof of address as per SEBI Circular if applicable
        • Bank Document
          • Cancelled cheque with name and account number Printed.
          • Bank Pass Book / Bank Statement / Bank Verification Letter (IFSC code/MICR/Bank account number & Bank address should be mentioned).
        • Others Document
          • Copy of Birth certificate.
          • Latest Passport size photo of Minor & Guardian.
          • KYC form as specified by CVL/ NDML/CKYCR from Guardian .
          • Aadhaar card require of Minor
    • Non-Individual Account
      • Corporate
        • Copy of the balance sheets for the last two financial years (to be submitted every year).
        • Copy of latest share holding pattern including list of all those holding control, either directly or indirectly, in the compasny in terms of SEBI takeover Regulations, duly certified by the company secretary/ Whole Time Director/ MD (to be submitted every year).
        • Photograph , POI, POA, PAN and DIN numbers of Whole time Directors/ two Directors in charge of day to day operations.
        • Photograph, POI, POA, PAN of individual promoters holding control-either directly or indirectly.
        • Copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association and Certificate of incorporation.
        • Copy if the Board Resolution for investment in securities market.
        • Authorised signatories list with specimen signatures.
      • Partnership firm
        • Copy of the balance sheets for the last two financial years (to be submitted every year).
        • Certificate of registration (for registered partnershipfirms only)
        • Copy of partnership deed.
        • Authorised signatories list with specimen signatures.
        • Photograph, POI, POA, PAN of Partners.
      • Trust
        • Copy of the balance sheets for the last two financial years (to be submitted every year).
        • Certificate of registration (for registered trust only)
        • Copy of trust deed.
        • List of tuustees certified bymanaging trustees/ CA.
        • Photograph, POI, POA, PAN of Trustees.
      • HUF
        • PAN of HUF
        • Deed of declaration of HUF/ List of coparceners.
        • Bank Pass-Book/ Bank statement in the name of HUF.
        • Photograph, POI, POA, PAN of Karta.
      • Registed Society
        • Copy of Registration Certificate under Societies Registration Act.
        • List of Managing Committee members.
        • Committee resolution for persons authorised to act as authorised signatories with specimen signatures.
        • True copy of Society Rules and Bye Laws certified by the Chairman/ Secretary.
      • Unincorporated association or a body of individuals
        • Proof of Existence/ Constitution document.
        • Resolution of the managing body & PoWer of Attorney granted to transact business on its behalf.
        • Auhtorised signatory list with specimen signatures.
      • Foreign Institutional Investors(FII)
        • Copy of SEBI Registration certificate
        • Auhtorised signatory list with specimen signatures.
      • Army/ Government Bodies
        • Self-certification on letterhead.
        • Auhtorised signatory list with specimen signatures.
      • Bank/institutional Investors
        • Copy of the constitution/ registration or annual report/ balance sheet for the last two financial years.
        • Auhtorised signatory list with specimen signatures.
  • What is the process of opening an account with Narnolia?

    Once we have received a Account opening form duly filled, the form is verified and if found ok in all aspects of verification, a confirmation call is made to the client and after verification Account is opened.

  • How long does it take to open an account?

    The account will be opened within 24 hours if all documents are properly submitted.

  • How will I get confirmation regarding the acceptance of my account?

    After the verification is done:

    • 1 You will get a confirmation message with a Unique Client Code (UCC) number.
    • 2We will send you a welcome kit as well.
  • How will I know if the form is rejected?

    Your Relationship Manager will inform you in any case of discrepancy in your application form.

  • Can I start trading once my account is activated?

    Yes, you can started trading subject to availablility of margin

  • Do I have to maintain a minimum balance in my account?

    No need to maintain minimum balance.

  • What trading platforms are available for a client to start trading once they have opened an account with Narnolia?

    We have our Narnolia Mobile Trading App for smartphones. We also have a Web Version and also EXE version for desktop versions.

  • What if I want to place a trading order over the phone?

    You can execute trade over phone by calling your RM or emergency dealing desk number, i.e. 033 40501639

  • Who should I contact if I have any issues?

    In case of any issues, contact us through:

    • Co-ordinate with your assigned Branch, BM and RM.
    • Contact us on our Toll Free Number-1800-103-7212.
    • Reach us via WhatsApp.
    • Chat directly through the Chatbox on our website.
    • Send us a mail to our customer care team at:


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