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  • Can any information submitted at the time of opening a demat account be modified at a later date?

    Yes, except type of the account, all other information such as names of the account holder, address, bank details, date of birth etc. can be modified. As per recent SEBI guidelines Name change, of account holders, due to any of the following reasons is permitted;

    • 1Change in name on account of marriage
    • 2Change in name on account of reasons other than marriage
    • 3Change in father’s name

    In all above cases appropriate documentation has to be provided by the account holder.

  • How do I change or update my Bank Details?
    • For updating of bank details in Trading and Demat account, You need to submit Modification form which is available in download section in our website.
    • The form should be duly signed and filled up by all account holders.
    • A copy of a canceled cheque or bank passbook or bank letter mentioning customer's name, bank account number, MICR code should be submitted along with the form.
  • How do I change/update my Email ID/Mobile number?

    For updating email id and mobile number in Trading and Demat account, You need to submit Modification form, available in download section in our website duly signed by all account holders at any of our branches.

  • What is the procedure to change the address details in my trading and Demat Account?
    • 1For changing the address in Demat and trading account, the account holder needs to fill up and sign the modification form before submitting it with identity proof and new address proof.
    • 2One of the holders should visit the branch personally or authorize a representative with an original Photo ID proof for verification. Copy of latest DP transaction statement, and ID proof of representative (In case Change of address has been submitted by a representative) Client or the representative has to sign once again in front of an employee.
  • How do I change Signature?
    • You have to submit the duly filled modification form along with a copy of the PAN card at any of our branch.
    • Important note: New signature should be attested by the respective banker, along with bank name, bank seal, and employee name & employee code.
  • How do I add Nomination?

    Nomination form duly filled should be submitted at any of our branches either at the time of opening your account or later.

  • Can I link multiple bank accounts to my trading account?

    Yes, you can map multiple bank accounts to your trading account, mentioned below:

    • 1 Primary bank account
    • 2 secondary bank accounts

    But it's important to know:

    The bank mapped as the primary bank account can be used to add money to your trading account and also to make withdrawals from your trading account.
    The bank account mapped as a secondary bank account can only be used to transfer money into your trading account.

  • How can I active other segment i:e futures and options in my existing trading account?

    You can add a new segment in your existing trading account. For that, you have to submit the duly signed segment activation letter along with supporting documentation in any of our branches.

  • What is the procedure to be followed for account modification?
    • 1 An account modification form duly signed by the account holder(s), along with the required documents as proof for the modification, has to be submitted to the DP.
    • 2DP will verify the request and carry out the modifications in the depository system.
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