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  • How to close Demat and Trading Account?
    • 1To close your Demat and Trading Account, you need to submit the closure form in your branch or send it to head office.
    • 2If there is any holding in the Demat account that should be transferred before closure by Delivery instruction slip (DIS).
    • 3You can submit your other DP CMR with closure form and should have clear the debit balance if any.
    • 4If there is a pending de-materialization, the Account cannot be closed.
    • 5Demat Account holders can request the DP to Cancel their Pending Demat Request electronically in the Depository system.
  • How can I track the status of closure of Demat a/c?

    Once the Demat account is closed – You will get closure intimation letter to the Demat registered address. In case of any rejection (on the closure request), the rejection letter is sent to the Demat registered address.

  • Are there any account opening charges?

    We do not charge for account opening.

  • What are the charges I have to pay for the transaction done by me?
    • For trading in equity segment, on doing a transaction you have to pay brokerage and statutory charges as applicable.
    • In case of Demat Account, you have to pay for AMC and transaction charges as per scheme choose by you.
    • For PMS Account, you have to pay for Upfront Fees and Management Fees which is applicable.
  • What are the brokerage charges?

    We have a variety of products based on your requirement. RM will suggest the product as per your choice and need, and accordingly, charges will be applicable, RM will explain you with details.

  • Can I map multiple DEMAT accounts to my trading account?

    Yes, you have to submit modification form for mapping multiple Demat accounts.

  • How can I access account related statements like ledger/contract notes etc online?

    Yes, you can see all types of detailed statements online regarding your account.
    After the opening of account we will get the user ID and password for your back office login, By logging the client back office, you can access the reports.

    • 1Visit our web site:
    • 2 Click on: Sign in Client Log in - back office
    • 3 Put your User ID and Password to log in.
    • 4Find all types of account related statements details and status there.

  • Where can I see the details of my profile?

    You can view profile details such as Address, Phone, email ID, PAN, Bank Account, DP ID etc., in your back office login.

  • How can I change the back office password?

    You can reset the online back office password through the password reset link. You can also call our CSS desk to reset the password.

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