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What is the complete recruitment process in the company?
To submit your resume, visit CAREERS in our website & Click Apply now and process the application or mail your RESUME to For sanctioned vacancies shortlisted candidates are required to fill an Interview Form. Prior to interview, industry profile is presented through a corporate film. Interviews are conducted by "Interview Board" of the company which may be followed by second interview by a higher authority if necessary. Based on post interview assessment candidate is selected, put on HOLD or Rejected. Selected candidates are given a presentation on GOAL ALIGNMENT to enable them to choose right option to pursue, with which, they can fulfill their targets. Candidates indicate their choice in a prescribed Goal Alignment Form. A set of documents including "Release letter" from previous organization are pre-requisite, on receipt of which offer letter is issued. Candidates selected can join after serving their notice period in previous company.
How many operational verticals are there in the company?
  •  HR – Ranchi and Kolkata
  •  Audit and Accounts – Ranchi
  •  Administration – ROs
  •  Operational Excellence – Ranchi
  •  Account opening, RMS, Banking, Trading and DP accounting, Compliance : Ranchi
  •  Customer Care: Ranchi
  •  IT : Ranchi, Kolkata and at select ROs
  •  Branding
  •  Marketing
  •  Research & research servicing –Delhi & Kolkata
  •  CSD – Kolkata
  •  Business Partner Channel -Kolkata
How many business verticals are there in the company?
  •  Indices development – New Delhi based
  •  Equity Research
    1.  Development: New Delhi
    2.  Central Advisory for HNIs: Kolkata
    3.  Central advisory for Direct and Alternate Channels (Kolkata)
    4.  Institutional Clients: New Delhi
  •  Fund Management
    1.  Development : New Delhi
    2.  Execution: Kolkata and Ranchi
  •  Corporate Advisory
    1.  Non Broking : Kolkata
    2.  Broking : Kolkata
  •  Broking and Distribution
    1.  Direct channel
    2.  Indirect Channel
      • Remisiers
      • Franchisees
      • Business partners
      • Ltd Partners
      • Full service alliance
    3.  Service options
      • Segment heads: product and channel wise
      • Regional heads
      • Business Development Heads
      • Cluster heads
      • Branch heads
      • Unit heads
      • Team leaders
      • Financial/Investment strategists
      • Marketing Executives
      • Relationship managers
Can I seek inter departmental or inter branch transfer?
Yes, depending on suitability and availability
How important is qualification in the recruitment process?
Very much so, but comes only after the 3Ds – Pigheaded Discipline, Determination and Drive.
What is the training policy and practices?
On joining Induction by CMD followed by HR Induction & comprehensive statutory trainings in all departments are provided. Subsequent product, services, fundamental & technical research trainings are provided as per a scheduler throughout the year.
Where can I see myself 10 years from now in the company?
Time is not the determinant but an important ingredient of one's growth as it is expected that with the passage of time productivity and efficiency per person improves because of his/her experience and expertise. Those with better Pigheaded Discipline, Determination and Drive can move much faster to a level of managerial entrepreneurship.
What is the promotions, awards etc practices. Is it linked to specific performance appraisal system?
These are performance linked, covering various parameters for assessment by specific digital performance appraisal system. Associate of the month/Quarter/Year are identified in front & back office & awarded. Performers in various segments are identified & honored during Annual Function.
If yes, how is performance appraisal done?
For revenue segment there is monthly appraisal system in place for non performers by company's appraisal Board. Apart from this there is six monthly appraisal for all in 360 Degree Performance Management Feedback System considering both qualitative & quantitative aspects using software aided digitalized system based on 5 pts of strategy i.e. Revenue maximization, Customer satisfaction, Internal satisfaction, Compliance & Surveillance and Operational excellence for revenue segment & suitable digitalized system for non revenue segment.
What is the reporting system?
Each associate have their KRAs & need to follow day- to- day reporting system through software's like AAINA (for viewing) & TALISMA (for entering their daily activities in a format) & close their day with a EOD report in the given format.
Does Narnolia have a Summer Internship Program (SIP)? If yes, how to apply?
We do run summer internship programs at Post Graduate level in Marketing & Finance in limited numbers for around 8 weeks during summer vacation period. Candidates need to apply through their Institute's placement department. Selection is through a screening process on first come first serve basis till vacancies are fulfilled. On successful completion of SIP & submitting two sets of Internship reports a Certificate is issued to the candidates.
On completion of SIP, does Narnolia offer an opening?
SIPs are granted on a different philosophy to help students fulfill their academic curriculum. Outstanding performers, if so desire, may be interviewed for an opening by the "Interview Board". There is however no guarantee of employment.
What if I want to quit?
We sincerely look forward to seeing the performers retire from the company itself. Still, if some one wishes to quit or has to quit because of disciplinary action by the company, he will need to complete exit requirements as per terms of appointment including compliance requirements as per the policy of the company. On fulfilling all norms clearance documents will be issued.

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