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Fund Based Activities

Indians are great in savings, but when it comes to investment and debt raising they are very unorganized and illogical. There is huge potential of growth in this segment both in terms of quantity and quality. In a country of over 1.3 billion people, there are less than 10 million mortgages outstanding—most with very low balances

Indias Housing Mortgages as a Percentage of GDP Compared to Select Countries

And aggregate debt of the country as a percentage of GDP is relatively low at 128% for India versus 175% for emerging markets as a group, 244% for the U.S., 249% for China, 257% for the Eurozone and 379% for Japan.

Narnolia Capital Advisors Ltd, a NBFC and wholly owned subsidiary of the group, provides wide range of debt related products at competitive terms like, margin funding, loan against shares/Mutual funds/Properties and also investment related products like, share pledging.

fund based activities


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