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Funds Management

Funds management essentially deals with the maximization of returns and the minimization of risk. The challenge arises since risk and returns move in opposite directions. At Narnolia our funds management approach has been based on 3 core principles:

In the above process, critical aspects of managing money are taken care of. Firstly, the eclectic blend of asset classes ensures that risk is constantly being fine tuned. Secondly, the process acts as your hedge against discretion to the fund manager. Finally, your portfolio is always handled in the context of your risk capacity rather than your risk appetite.

Managing funds with the Research Edge

At Narnolia, our funds management is predicated on a very strong and unbiased research capacity. The research base not only spans a variety of asset classes but also brings a degree of bottom-up depth to the table with deep industry insights and market intelligence. The research edge is based on 4 key parameters.

Data driven approach

At Narnolia we have deliberately adopted a data driven approach to fund management with our analytics and projections based on very fine tuned methodologies. A greater focus on data and process and less reliance on intuitive approach makes our fund management more scientific and less discretionary.

Back testing of strategies:

Every strategy or fund management solution provided to clients is back-tested with gigabytes of real data so that the outcome is as close to your unique expectations as possible.

Proprietary analytics engine:

The proprietary analytical engine that Narnolia uses is based on our thousands of man years of research insights and market exposure which helps to better fine tune the solutions with the help of big data and machine learning.

Strong research infrastructure:

A full-fledged research team consisting of the best in class experts like analysts, economists and chartists are scouring through millions of iterations and permutations to bring you the best possible solution at any point of time. It contributes to making the final product a lot more wedded to market conditions.

Why our focus on Risk-Adjusted Returns

Risk adjusted returns is the returns that the investor earns net of the risk implicit in the portfolio. This is important for the following reasons.

Narnolia Edge – Client Centric Approach

At Narnolia, our special edge comes from our approach that is entirely client centric. The client becomes the focal subject of the fund management activity. This ensures inter alia:

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