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Fundamental Reports

"Price is the slave of earnings”, said Warren Buffet. But, what matters to the stock price is the future earnings which can at best be estimated only with varied degree of accuracy and not predicted. Narnolia’s unbiased, disciplined, data and process driven multi strategy qualitative cum quantitative research framework with singular focus on maximising risk adjusted return for its investors, has helped it to create various research reports and research based products which has generated class leading performance both on an absolute and relative basis - drawing accolades from various industry leaders all across the globe.

Date Scrip Name Sector Download Report
28th Feb 2017 HDFCBANK Financials
27th Feb 2017 BRITANNIA Consumer Staples
23rd Feb 2017 RELIANCE Energy
21st Feb 2017 LUPIN Health Care
20th Feb 2017 JKIL Industrials
17th Feb 2017 BANKBARODA Financials
16th Feb 2017 KNRCON Industrials
15th Feb 2017 BRITANNIA Consumer Staples
14th Feb 2017 GODREJCP Consumer Staples
13th Feb 2017 ASHOKLEY Consumer Discretionary

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Date Scrip Name View Report
1st Aug 2018 INDIGO
1st Aug 2018 LUMAXIND
2nd Aug 2018 DABUR
2nd Aug 2018 MGL
3rd Aug 2018 EMAMILTD
3rd Aug 2018 EQUITAS
3rd Aug 2018 ONGC
3rd Aug 2018 KEC
6th Aug 2018 MAHLOG
6th Aug 2018 MARICO
6th Aug 2018 NESTLEIND
Date Scrip Name Sector View Report
16th Oct 2018 Result Preview_2QFY19E_OIL & GAS Oil & Gas
15th Oct 2018 Result Preview_Q2FY19E - Infrastructure Infrastructure
15th Oct 2018 Result Preview Q2FY19E - Auto & Auto Component Auto & Auto component
12th Oct 2018 Result Preview Q2FY19E - Consumer Staples Consumer Staples
11th Oct 2018 Result Preview 2QFY19E - Banking & Financials FINANCIALS
11th Oct 2018 Result Preview 2QFY19E - Metal & Mining METALS AND MINING
10th Oct 2018 Result Preview 2QFY19E All Sectors
6th Oct 2018 Result Preview- IT sector Q2FY19E IT
6th July 2018 Result Preview 1QFY19E-Metals & Mining Materials
13th July 2018 Result Preview 1QFY19E-Automobiles Consumer Discretionary
9th July 2018 Result Preview 1QFY19E-Banks Financials
6th July 2018 Result Preview 1QFY19E-FMCG Consumer Staples
4th July 2018 Result Preview 1QFY19E-Construction & Engineering (Roads & Highways) Industrial
5th July 2018 Result Preview 1QFY19E-Information Technology Information Technology
6th March 2018 Q3FY18 RESULT REVIEW Information Technology
6th April 2018 Result Preview (4Q FY18E) Financials
12th April 2018 RESULT PREVIEW (4Q FY18E) AUTOMOBILES Consumer Discretionary
13th April 2018 Result Preview (4Q FY18E): FMCG Consumer Staples
Date Scrip Name Download Report
23rd August 2018 Concall Summary Q1FY19
5th March 2018 Concall Summary Q3FY18 Part 1
19th Dec 2017 Concall Summary Q2FY18_Part 2
5th March 2018 Concall Summary Q3FY18 Part 2
12th Sep 2017 Concall Summary Q3FY18 Part 2
19th Dec 2017 Concall Summary_Q2FY18_Part 1
Corporate Action Download Report
Corporate Actions 1
Corporate Actions 2
Corporate Actions 3
Corporate Actions 4
Corporate Actions 5
Corporate Actions 6
Corporate Actions 7
Corporate Actions 8
Corporate Actions 9
Corporate Actions 10
Date Report Name Download Report
11th Oct 2018 Funds Flow in Sep 2018
6th Oct 2018 RBI Credit Policy

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