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Emerging India marches ahead in the global world with pride. It opens up new vistas of growth and development for all. Favourable geographical, demographic, and economic conditions have created amazing opportunities. Those who do not rightly assess the phenomenon of growth end up losing the emerging opportunities. In the climate of political stability with reforms-driven economic agenda, the future looks bright. We believe these trends are sustainable developments for the long term. Fuelled by inherent strengths, these are likely to last beyond geographies and generations. According to the Demographic Model, when a country passes through Stage 3, it offers a fantastic potential of business and investment opportunities. Such a scenario emerges once in a lifetime. India is already going through this stage. Clarion call for investors! Align yourself to the India growth story! 2005-2010 is the period during which the India growth story began to take shape. Ideally, the stage should last for 30-40 years. This favourable phase with a low ratio of dependents will lead to a period marked by high savings ratio, higher investments and higher consumption ratio, and the virtuous cycle spins.

High birth rate, rapid fall in each upward age group due to high death rates; short life expectancy.
High birth rate, fall in death rate as more living in middle age; slightly longer life expectancy.

It is also known as the THIRD WAVE. Experts hold the view that the benefits of this wave will be restricted to the privileged class of individuals or corporate entities. The power of knowledge will be realized increasingly beyond the libraries as an important partner of growth. 'Growth for the sake of survival' will be the refined mantra for the businesses and 'how much of equity' will replace 'whether to have equity' in the financial planning schedules of the passive investors including the corporations and charities.

declining birth rate; low death rate; Increased average life expectancy.
Low birth rate; low death rate; higher dependancy ratio; longer life expectancy.

We believe it is better to adapt oneself to the prevalent scenario of growth and move in the right direction. The sooner it happens, the better are the chances of survival and growth. After all, you deserve your share of India's growth story!


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