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Break the myth first

I can make money for myself

Despite increase in ownership of individual investors in terms of total no of listed shares by 20% between 2010 and 2016, the value remained flat. Same way in US investors earned just 3.7% against S & P growth of 11.1% during 1974-2013.

Mutual Funds can make money for me

The probability of alpha is 36.2 to 84.9% in a year and zero to 8.85 over 5 years.

Star Rated Funds can make money for me

Zero to 8.8% of the 5 stars remain 5 stars over 5 years.

How to find the right advisor

Depending on your needs you might need services of the Fund Manager and/or the Wealth Manager.

Fund Management:

Selection of right fund managers to deliver superior and consistent risk adjusted returns over 4 to 5 years horizon.

Wealth Management:

Managing my wealth based on the mix of above funds which can be suitable to my needs and circumstances.


Investor vs Index

Mutual Fund vs Index


Narnolia delivers superior and consistent
risk adjusted returns above alpha over 4 to 5 years

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