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A professional relationship develops where mutual interests are involved. Meeting of harmonious minds takes the relationship to the next level. Sharing values and ethics is what sustains it further. Common goals. Common objectives. Common beliefs. Common is the right word to describe what makes us uncommon in the business of investing. Our work culture is unique as it lays thrust on a well-defined set of guidelines and work processes to follow. Driven by the core ideology that the customer is supreme for us, we do things from his perspective. While this template excites many professionals looking for challenging opportunities, there are some who feel less confident to prove their mettle in such a result-oriented environment. If you share the same passion and commitment to work and excel just as we do, this is perhaps the right opportunity for you. All it takes to impress us with is your conviction in the common set of beliefs. Have a close look at the five compelling reasons to join our tribe of high achievers and grow remarkably fast.


Architects of relationship


The active HR Department constantly endeavors to work for the welfare of the associates. The HR team consists of personnel who are tech-savvy and highly motivated. Regular activities are arranged by the HR Department to keep the associates motivated. We constantly organize team building activities and get-togethers. Associate of the -month/quarter/year are identified & announced. Associates at all levels are encouraged to participate in all events.


Work is Worship


As an organization we believe in holistic development of the associates. A family-like office environment is a way of life at Narnolia.



We help our associates realize their Dreams with our Vision. To keep the show going we seek performers and achievers who have the talent. At Narnolia each associate is carefully nurtured and groomed keeping in line the company's goal and their career expectations. It believes in improving the earning capacity of the associates on a consistent basis so that the associates find his interest to be served , once the interest of the company is served.


Induction Program


After successfully completing the recruitment procedure, associates are taken on board. During the induction program, the new associates are given a warm welcome and introduced to associates from different departments. The associates are also given an overview of the practices and work procedure at Narnolia. Every effort is made to make new associates feel comfortable at the work place from day one itself.




The driving force behind any organization is its pool of human resources. It is rightly said that the indicator to an organization’s health is its human capital. We realize that training is an essential component that goes a long way in building teams that are strong. We constantly provide comprehensive world-class training to our associates on global business practices and keep them updated on the technological front. Wealth advisors and distributors who are excellent performers will be given an advance level of training at a later stage to make them
"Financial Doctors".


Rewards & Recognition


Working with Narnolia brings you exciting possibilities and the opportunity to enjoy your work. At Narnolia, performance appraisal is an ongoing process. The main aim of our appraisal system is to improve the performance of the employees, and ensure that employees constantly strive to improve their skills. An annual award distribution ceremony is held in which outstanding associates are given appreciation publicly.


Flexible Job Role


At Narnolia, there is ample scope to develop one;s professional skills. We have a culture of continuous learning. Associates are offered opportunities for lateral growth and adequate training is provided to enhance the individuals skill sets. We have a professional, team-oriented culture, which encourages delegation and growth. Roles are delegated in a democratic way and associates are allowed to share responsibilities.


Open Door Policy


In order to bring transparency in functioning, we follow an open door policy. Associates are free to contact their Functional Heads and top management. The boss is not a conventional boss who sits inside his cabin and remains inaccessible to juniors. Rather, he is very approachable.

Narnolia Holiday Calendar - 2017
Day Day Occasion Courtesy
26-Jan-2017 Thursday Republic Day National Stock Exchange
28-Jan-2017 Saturday Family Holiday Narnolia
24-Feb-2017 Friday Mahashivratri National Stock Exchange
25-Feb-2017 Saturday Family Holiday Narnolia
13-Mar-2017 Monday Holi National Stock Exchange
25-Mar-2017 Saturday Family Holiday Narnolia
4-Apr-2017 Tuesday Ram Navami National Stock Exchange
14-Apr-2017 Friday Good Friday/Ambedkar jayanti National Stock Exchange
1-May-2017 Monday Maharashtra day/Labour day National Stock Exchange
27-May-2017 Saturday Family Holiday Narnolia
24-Jun-2017 Saturday Family Holiday Narnolia
26-Jun-2017 Monday Id-Ul-Fitr (Ramzan ID) National Stock Exchange
29-July-2017 Saturday Family Holiday Narnolia
15-Aug-2017 Tuesday Independence Day National Stock Exchange
25-Aug-2017 Friday Ganesh Chaturthi National Stock Exchange
2-Sep-2017 Saturday Bakri ID National Stock Exchange
30-Sep-2017 Saturday Family Holiday Narnolia
2-Oct-2017 Monday Gandhi Jayanti National Stock Exchange
20-Oct-2017 Thursday Diwali-Balipratipada National Stock Exchange
28-Oct-2017 Saturday Family Holiday-On account of chhath Narnolia-shifted from 25th Nov
4-Nov-2017 Saturday Gurunanak Jayanti National Stock Exchange
25-Dec-2017 Monday Christmas National Stock Exchange
30-Dec-2017 Saturday Family Holiday Narnolia

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