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Portfolio Management Services in India

A portfolio management service (PMS) is a customised investment solution offered to a client with a higher entry investment stipulated. Unlike a mutual fund that creates a standard portfolio for a fund and then issues units to customers, the PMS is more customised to the unique return requirements and risk capacity of the client. PMS schemes in India are either discretionary or non-discretionary. While a non-discretionary PMS invests with the approval of the client, a discretionary PMS designs its own unique portfolio based on the market conditions and the wealth creation potential.

PMS at Narnolia

Narnolia has adopted a discretionary approach to its PMS products. The focus of the Narnolia PMS is on return enhancement as well as on appropriate risk management. Our approach to the PMS is based on 3 key factors.

Long term approach :

The essential philosophy of PMS at Narnolia is to adopt a long term approach to equities. While equities as an asset class are the best long term wealth creators, selection of equities is critical to manage risk. That is where our PMS model based on opportunities, financials and potential disruption comes in handy.

Absolute returns plus Alpha :

At Narnolia we believe that outperformance of the index (Alpha) is just one side of the story. The focus of our PMS is to handle asset allocation in such a way as to generate absolute positive returns for clients on a consistent basis, notwithstanding market conditions. We have given absolute positive returns over the last 6 years in succession.

Capital allocation and momentum :

In a complex market like India, the need of the hour is to combine a value approach with a momentum driven approach. Our approach combines value exploration in equities along with identifying the key momentum triggers to maximize your returns over a period of time.

Merits of the PMS model at Narnolia

Our PMS model combines the concept of deep value investing with the pragmatic considerations of momentum to give you the best product on offer.


Our PMS has a master portfolio which is then further customized to your unique matrix of return expectations and risk capacity.


The ownership of the securities continues to remain with your demat account and so your portfolio is accessible at all times.


A complete audit trail of the stocks bought and sold in your account, the charges and the fees are made available to you in the interest of full transparency.


Your PMS portfolio is unique to you and only the master portfolio for benchmarking is the same. This gives greater control over portfolio performance and better customization to your unique risk-return matrix.


Our PMS combines the best of deep value investing and momentum identifiers to constantly identify investment opportunities with a view to enhancing your risk adjusted returns. At any point of time, the focus is on absolute returns over and above Alpha.


Pre-set portfolio alerts and macro and micro triggers customized to your unique portfolio needs to give you 24X7 access and control over your portfolio.

Narnolia PMS – India 3T Fund

The 3T PMS fund is a multi-cap PMS that focuses on a combination of fundamental value and quantitative triggers to create a high value portfolio. Some of the highlights of the 3T PMS fund are as under:

  • An eclectic mix of large cap and mid cap stocks to get the combined benefit of stability, growth and value.
  • A unique framework based on momentum in earnings and focuses more on fundamentals rather than just on price movements.
  • Investment decisions are taken based on a proprietary bottom-up model that is rigorously back tested for several years based on live data.
  • Generated consistent positive absolute returns in the last 6 years beating the benchmark index in 5 out of the last 6 years.
  • Resilient investment model that is designed to generate positive returns in bearish conditions and in sideways markets too.

Narnolia PMS – Eagle Fund

The Eagle PMS fund is designed to exploit the short term opportunities in the market as well as the inefficiencies in pricing based on a very smart proprietary model that incorporates a number of data points to arrive at an investment decision. Key highlights are:

  • Combines the best of index beta and the identification of alpha opportunities to add value to the investors in a unique way.
  • Number of holdings in the PMS Fund limited to 20 and Beta maintained at 1 with a higher focus on intermittent market opportunities.
  • Has generated absolute positive returns in the last five years with risk levels at close to the market index
  • Adopts a more defensive approach of minimizing the risk in the portfolio and enhancing risk-adjusted returns compared to the Nifty.


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