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Initial Public Offer (IPO) by non listed companies or follow on offer by presently listed companies presents a good opportunities for making high returns on investment in IPO stock funds in a very short period of time. However, contrary to common belief that IPO investing in India through new issues does not always give high return or guarantee capital protection. We, at Narnolia, provide you the list of all forthcoming new issues & in-depth analysis on select issues, which our research team finds worth investing. Online bidding and detailed news, views, follow up,recent listings etc. are provided to our investors free of cost to choose the best IPO investment fund. We have a dedicated servicing team to help you to relieve you of all possible hassles of investing in new issues. It is because of this simplicity, convenience & expertise we are far ahead of others as an IPO investing company in India with a significantly high market share in our area of operation.

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