This is the most popular asset class of Indians wherein they put in about 53% of their investments as against global average of 20%, even though it is beset with many problems, like, legal complexities, involvement of black money, high cost of ownership, inflexible per unit size, lack of transparency and liquidity etc. Investors don't want to believe that, like other asset classes, it also moves in cycles.

But, every cycle brings with it different sets of opportunities and threats. In the current scenario when real estate prices are under pressure much more than what is officially known, the industry is getting ready for few newer and bigger real estate investment opportunities. We, at Narnolia, had warned in 2011 of an upcoming correction in the real estate space and are now equally confident that newer and bigger opportunities for real estate investing will unfold in the form of REITS, Direct unit Property like direct equity, Peer to Peer Lending etc.We are fully ready with the industry leading real estate investment firms, products and services in an exclusive arrangement with the leaders of the above opportunities.

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