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Social Responsibility

Built to Last Foundation

Narnolia engages in activities to deliver profit to clients. As it creates wealth for it growing investor base spread across the country, it brings about positive changes in society that are addressed with monetary resources. Alleviating poverty, fighting ill-health, spreading education, empowering women, and generating employment opportunities remain the core concerns while building a balanced society. Activities that touch the grassroots and reach out to millions who need philanthropic assistance to change their fortunes. As a responsible corporate citizen, we remain fully aware of our duties and make our humble contribution in this regard.

Visiting Blind School

A company with vision grows well. As a corporate citizen, we understand the importance of vision in life. We feel privileged to associate ourselves with blind schools and make our humble contribution towards educating the sightless. They are deprived of the ability to see the world around but the light of knowledge should brighten up their future.

Cleaning the City

We encourage our employees to keep their hearts clean. A clean work environment stimulates clean thoughts. The office premises are kept clean. As an organization, we follow clean trade practices. We launched an ambitious clean-up drive in the city to mop it clean. Our employees including key managers voluntarily come forward to pick up the broom and sweep the roads clean.

Blood Donation Camp

Blood is precious. It saves lives. Every drop of it counts. We organize various blood donation camps all across the country where our employees donate blood. We have it in our blood to come forward for a noble cause.

Donation for Flood Victims

A natural disaster like flood washes away everything and renders thousands homeless. As a responsible citizen, we always stay engaged in protecting investor wealth to prevent its erosion under adverse market conditions. We understand what it means to be flood-affected so we have come forward to lend a helping hand to those ravaged by floods.


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