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Narnolia was amongst the very first few to have recognized, believed and widely propagated the India growth story. The country is passing through unprecedented phase of growth which comes once in 200 – 300 years of life cycle of a nation. It would mean different things to different people and will influence different people in different sectors and in the same sector or even in the same industry very differently. Thankfully, broking industry is likely to be one of the major beneficiaries of this unprecedented growth, but as always there wont be any single best path to success and no exclusive approach to seizing opportunities. Those suitably placed will grow multifold at the cost of others who will fail to adapt. Few of the projections based on our research work on ' Contextual Intelligence ' can be of relevance : by 2022 SENSEX can grow 6.5 times, broking industry can grow over 5 times, top 10 broking firms can have 68.2% market share, trading income to decline to 1/8th, advisory income to grow 8 times…

What is in store for you? How can you be a beneficiary of this unprecedented growth and threat cycle?

15 years of intensive research and experience of the company and the broking industry across times and across nations have helped us to evolve best product mix in the country and 5 different ways to survive and grow – depending on specific circumstances of each company. Different combinations are worked out based on the 78 steps, 35 processes and suitable capabilities which can help our strategic partners to ride and enjoy this journey of growth.

Who can be Benefitted

Common interests give rise to partnerships, common minds make it grow and it is the common values and beliefs that make it sustainable. Those in the following businesses and those who share our values and approach can join hands with us to create synergy :

Broking Firms     Banks     Depository Participants     NBFCs     AMCs     Insurance Companies     Big Sub Brokers     Trusts etc

5 Ways of Survival and Growth

5 different ways (strategies), as opined by our research team. to survive and grow in the context of the unprecedented changes taking place in the super system - depending on specific circumstances of each company are as under:

1. Be big     Banks     2. Do what the big won't do     3. Strategic tie up with the big     AMCs     4. Merge with the big     5. Serve the big

2 Options of Strategic Relationships

Each of the relationships can broadly be one of the following types - depending on specific circumstances:

1.Limited Partnership     Banks     2.Full Service Alliance


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