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Trading with Narnolia
First, beat the Myth


I can make Money for myself.

If that be so, why don't we see name of any trader in the fortune 500 or may be fortune 5 lac capitalists.

There is no evidence to prove that common traders can make money for themselves.

My RM can make Money for me.

If RM or his company could do it, they would have done it for themselves. Why would he be working for a small salary?

There is no evidence in common parlance. In fact, the intentions may be right but structurally it is Client Vs. RM & Company.

Successful traders are there; but very rare. Money flows from many losers to few winners.

Objectives of Successful Trading

There has to be right trading and money management strategy based on proper study, Training and Tools.

  • The first objective should be not to loose money.
  • Should focus on success ratio of more than 50% and profit factor of > 1.
  • Should cut losses and let the profit run. People normally fail in Loss management.
  • When in doubt stay out and relax. It is not a full time job.
  • Don't wait for the best price; look for good price.
  • Strong discipline. Review the strategy periodically but don't change it only because its showing loss.

What Narnolia has to offer


Trading Platforms

  • Multiple Exchange Depositories
  • Multiple Segments, Devices, Use
  • Fastest, Self Customizable
  • East to open and operate

My RM can make Money for me.

  • Technical, Statistical, Fundamental,
  • News
  • Training on usage of tools
  • Customisation based on training or use

My RM can make Money for me.

  • Standard solutions for all
  • Accessibility to value added solutions on screen
  • Personalised professional services with Shresth, RIRO, Vidur, CRM
  • Localised

Successful traders are there; but very rare. Money flows from many losers to few winners.

Trading with Narnolia
Product Snapshot

    E Only E Value E Value+
  Acessibility to Research Products and serves Ltd Medium All
Personalization Client Maping Call Center (200-500) ARM/ RM(70 -100) ADVISOR/ Sr ADVISOR (20 -25)
  Research Servicing Call Centre RIRO:Interactive Research Servicing team + Access to Analysts/top management
  Operational Support Customer Care + Sensible Ops + Custosed Ops
Localization Local Infrastructure DCC (Del & Col cent) Satellite Count Branch
  Tech Support Centrally managed Technical team Full time Technical team
Calls IEA/Funda, VST Calls, All Segments: ID/BNST etc, Algo, IPO Strategy, Dividend Yield
  Fusion Calls, Tech Advice, Favorite Sec/st, Port Stocks: Techno funda reports, Fusion Calls, Switch Calls,
  Model Funds, Currency: BO Calls, TVS, Clearing end, HRG, Multi baggars
Reports Morning Outlook, Specific Sector outlook, Sensex and Indices, Stocks in news, Commodity/currency outlook, Query, EW Advisory Package, All sectors review, News letters, Magazine,Performance Reports: Absolute and Peer comp of both deligatory and transaction Products, SDR,
  Tax Calculator, Con call by the Research Head/CMD, Trainings
  Aaj ka Menu, BSH
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