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Wealth Management
WMS - An Overview

The Financial Times Lexicon defines Wealth Management at two levels:

At Narnolia, we veer towards the latter approach. Our approach to wealth management has been more of a customized and micro approach. For us, Wealth Management is all about making the customer the nucleus of the entire process. We take a 360o view of the customer assets, liabilities, income, expenses and goals and offer our solution accordingly.

Our Approach

Our approach to wealth management is predicated on five distinct stages. It is a complete loop beginning with requirements analysis all the way to portfolio monitoring.

Requirement Analysis

This stage is about understanding the client’s long term and medium goals and assigning a financial value to the entire goal matrix. This is done on the basis of a very detailed and elaborate profiling of the client based on financial and behaviour parameters.

Investment option advisory

At this stage, the client is offered a palate of investment combinations to choose from to meet the financial goals. Such investment options are evaluated on the parameters of risk, returns, liquidity needs and tax efficiency.

Implementing the actual strategy

This is the critical execution part of the process. Various investment options relevant to the client’s goals are rigorously evaluated based on models and an appropriate solution is implemented for the client.

Review and rebalancing

A financial plan is never a static document. It has to be stringent enough to enforce discipline but flexible enough to adapt to the changing environment. Rebalancing is all about making modifications to the investment mix based on macro and micro stimuli.

Monitoring and Reporting

This step is about giving the client “24x7” access to the financial plan with a host of very interesting analytics and simulation capabilities thrown in. Portfolio reports are generated and discussed with the client on a periodic basis and the client also has a secure login access to the plan at any point of time.

Our Commitment

At Narnolia, the client is the nucleus of wealth management and solutions are granularly customized to the unique needs of every client. Our commitment is evidence through:

Why Choose Us

asset-strategy. Our edge is more in helping you through a very fine-tuned and granular multi-asset strategy with the best possible combination of a top-down and a bottom-up approach. Our advantage stems from:

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