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Krishna N NarnoliaChairman & MD Narnolia Group of Companies

As we look back we find this journey of over two decades to be very satisfying as we grew from a leading financial intermediary of the eastern India to a name to reckon with at the national and global arena. But what is more satisfying is that it all happened without compromising – rather, by further reinforcing - on our ethical standards and our strong belief system that no business entity can grow over the years as long as the interests of all of its stakeholders – employees, customers, shareholders, regulators and the society at large – are righteously balanced in the system.

Today, we could develop the best of the products, systems, processes, technology and, more so, we have the best of the people. But, what differentiates us from others is not the 100 years of combined national and global experience of the promoters, rather it is our devotion to the relentless pursuit of generating 'superior and consistent risk adjusted returns' for our investors and provide world class advise based trading experience for our traders with the use of innovative, disciplined, client focused and process driven multi asset, multi strategy framework.

It feels good to have achieved these milestones. But for us this is just a small beginning of the long journey which will unfold alongside the India Growth Story. We, at Narnolia, always realise our fiduciary duty to our customers and other stakeholders and, as such, we resolve to keep learning, innovating and working harder and smarter towards this cherished dream.

I, on behalf of Narnolia, thank all our investors, associates and all well wishers for their continued trust and contribution during this whole journey.

Wish you happy investing.

"Business is no longer a matter of profits alone. Profits must come through public confidence, and public confidence is given to any businessman in proportion to the service which he gives to the customers"


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