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The Indian capital markets have grown by leaps and bounds in the last 20 years, both in terms of volumes and in the quality of reforms. But India is still relatively small by global standards. Even as two Indian companies (Reliance and TCS) crossed $100 billion in market, two US companies (Apple and Amazon) crossed the $1 trillion market cap mark. This huge gap also shows the massive opportunity ahead of the Indian capital markets. Collectively, we can partner together and help realize the full potential of the Indian markets.

Why partner with Narnolia?

We firmly believe that a franchisee relationship is more of a partnership towards mutual transformation. There are four reasons for a mutually beneficial partnership:

  • You get to participate in the growth of the fastest growing global economy called India. Indian GDP at 7.5% will mean huge opportunities for capital markets.
  • Retail participation in equity markets is still very low by global benchmarks. This opens up a large un-served market to tap fruitfully.
  • Narnolia being a full service premium brokerage, franchisee partners can offer the complete palate of services to their clients
  • We expect the franchisee partnership model to drive growth in the capital markets segment; especially in the broking and advisory model.

Frequently asked questions for franchisee partners

Here are a few common questions that franchisee partners may have on the top of their minds and how Narnolia approaches these issues:

Does premium advisory have potential when there are zero brokerage firms?

At Narnolia, we always believed that there is nothing like zero cost activity in the capital markets. Every free service has a catch. There will always be a market for zero brokerage and we do not intend to be in that market. The Indian customer is willing to pay for quality service and advice. Our focus is on value for money to the customer.

What are the unique advantages that Narnolia will bring to the partnership?

Our in-depth grasp of markets and our strong research base will be a cutting edge when you approach clients. Traders and investors are looking for cutting edge ideas to execute in the market. We have not only fine tuned our research offering but also the process which traders and investors should use to participate profitably in the capital markets.

What if Narnolia intends to set up its own branches in our area?

At Narnolia we have great faith in the franchisee partnership model and estimate that nearly 70% of our large and lucrative business will come from the franchisee partnerships. We are betting on the Franchisee partnership channel in a big way to grow the business and don’t intend to adopt the branch model too aggressively.

Narnolia has positioned itself in investments and PMS, but my clients are small traders?

While we are essentially money managers and money ideators, we believe that the traders have a big role to play in making markets more sophisticated. Our focus for traders is more on strategy, risk management, charting tools and the ability to interpret news for identifying trends. This entire trading ecosystem will be available for the benefit of your trading clients.

How is your approach to client servicing unique compared to competition?

Our approach to capital markets has always been an advisory approach. At Narnolia we believe that every customer has a unique risk-return combination. If you are able to offer them the product that fits the bill, they will come back to you. That has been our experience and the entire ecosystem of research and analytics will be made available to you.

Since the franchisee model is a sharing model, what will be my retention?

The details of the sharing model will be mutually agreed between Narnolia and the franchisee partners before signing on the dotted line. Needless to say, our model is designed in such a way as to compensate the franchisee partner handsomely for their efforts and their networks.

The Narnolia - Partnership edge

At Narnolia, our relationship with our franchisees is built on the 3 pillars of Trust, Totality and Transformation.

A long-term partnership between franchisees and principals is not possible without an environment of trust. Narnolia ensures the highest levels of trust, confidentiality and transparency in all its dealings with franchisees.


Totality is seen when Narnolia and its franchisees manage to combine to give a complete suite of solutions to the customer. That is the ultimate aim at Narnolia


Transformation is an improvement for the better. At Narnolia we believe that any partnership should be based on positive transformation for the franchisees, for the company, for the client and for the Indian capital markets as a whole.

The legendary US industrialist rightly said, “Coming together is the beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is success.” This approach best captures Narnolia’s commitment to partner with its franchisees towards positive transformation


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