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How is Narnolia different from others?

With 100 years of combined research experience of the promoters of the group, both at local and global levels, we are different not simply because we have been able to generate superior return over the benchmarks and peers: instead, unlike other investment firms who focus solely on returns, we focus on quality of return, measured in terms of risk adjusted return. We have been pioneer in creating products and solutions which others wish to emulate, be it SDR (portfolio analytics), process driven research, fusion analytics etc.

Why should I rely on my Relationship Manager who has own targets to fulfil?

This is the biggest challenge before this industry which crept into the system during 2003 -2008 boom. Abnormal growth of the industry led to abnormal salary hike of the RMs due to shortage of the experienced manpower. Post 2008 crisis this became unviable, but the structure remained the same leading to this anomaly wherein the RMs are fighting for their own revenue targets to justify their existence. At Narnolia, we tried to cure the roots of this malaise. We hire them on stringent terms, train them extensively, link their growth with client satisfaction and compliance, besides the revenue, and reward them with ESOP for attitude and not revenue alone. Hence, like the company, they can see their growth in your growth.

How much return should I expect from my investments?

Return expectations of all those who invest beyond fixed deposits can broadly be classified in four groups: All investment products of Narnolia have been developed keeping the above long term returns in mind. But, what is critical here which most of the advisors normally hide from you is that all these products have different risk – return dynamics over different time frames. We discuss at length with you and then create the right investment basket for you with the support of our world class wealth managemnt , financial planning and risk analytics tools.

Can I avail your premium services as a new small time investor?

Successful investors need lot of psychological and financial preparedness. If you are new investor you can attend our various online and offline training courses which are conducted periodically. You can also access our website and online trading terminals to learns various concepts and tools of fundamental, quantitative, technical analysis.

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