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Trading is normally referred to as a zero-sum game. Even the greatest of traders in the world like Jesse Livermore and Ray Dalios have given up most of their profits and come back to square one at some point. It is the resilience to bounce back and make a fortune in trading is what differentiates the ordinary trader from star traders. Traders can trade almost anything; equities, futures, options, commodities, oil, gold and the list can just go on. The moral of the story is that if you want to be successful in trading, then it has to a 360o approach. Your insights, research, discipline, trading rules and strategy need to come together to create a winning combination for you. That is where Narnolia comes into the picture.

Trading in India – The Narnolia philosophy

At Narnolia we believe that trading is not easy or difficult. It just calls for a unique skills set and as a trader the onus is on you to develop these unique skills. At Narnolia we help you in this transition to becoming a trader with a well thought through process and a well crafted strategy. Our strategy for traders is predicated on 10 unique convictions.

  • As a trader, it is your primary responsibility to conserve capital. We all trade with finite capital and hence capital protection is paramount. If you take care of protecting your capital, the returns will take care of themselves.
  • Every action in trading is a trade-off. Normally, the trade-off is between risk and return. For every unit of risk that you take on your trading book, your returns must be greater than 1 (>1).
  • Stop loss is a must for are trader. That is your insurance against volatile markets. When you set a stop loss, you know the maximum amount that you can lose. Your stop loss should also be based on a risk-return trade-off.
  • Profit is what you book, so always look for opportunities to book profits. The idea of trading is to churn your capital fast but intelligently and that is instrumental in improving you return on investment (ROI).
  • As a trader you have to take 3 important decisions; when to buy, when to sell and when to do nothing. One of the most important decisions a trader is required to make is when to do nothing, because that is determines your ultimate profitability.
  • There is nothing like the best price to buy and the best price to sell. If you can get a good price and you believe you can exit at a better price then the trade is yours for the asking. As a trader you got to be flexible.
  • Averaging is the cardinal sin in trading. We believe that when you average you are being wrong twice over. Make it a point to hold your losses short and run your profits long. That is the only way you can make a lot of money in trading.
  • Focus on a success ratio of more than 50%. If you get more than half of your trades right as a trader, then you are good to trade profitably. You have a problem if you just get 20% of your trades right. That is not sustainable in the long run.
  • To sum up most of the points, the key is having a good trading process and then adhering to the discipline. Discipline with respect to stop losses, profit targets, capital protection is a must before you even start trading.
  • Finally, enrich your trading experience with a Trade Book. Keep a tab of the performance of your trades and review your strategy if you are consistently making losses. The trade book becomes your rule book for the trading activity.

Narnolia approach – Bringing trading to your fingertips

At Narnolia we have believed that trading is best done based on your own understanding of the market. Since that is not possible without research support, Narnolia has created a complete ecosystem for traders to successfully analyse opportunities, execute trades and monitor their position with a host of real time analytics. Our Trading ecosystem consists of:

  • Robust exchange trading platform that permit trade execution across multiple exchange platforms and managing multiple depositories.
  • A high end platform that allows you to analyse and execute simple and complex transactions across equities, futures, options, commodities and currencies.
  • A quick and user-friendly navigation tool which permits you to seamlessly toggle between research, strategy and “Call to Action”.
  • Combination of market analytics like research notes, daily reports, technical charts, pivot points and data driven models to enable seamless research-based execution
  • Specialized training programs so that clients can get familiar with the system and then execute independently.
Mobile trading app

Robust functionality at your fingertips

Narnolia - Online Share / Stock Trading App is an intelligently smart and power packed mobile trading application for every investor and trader. With this mobile app, you can trade through your smartphone, that allows our customers to stay connected with market & trade from anywhere and at any time. This app is packed with in-depth analysis, expert company research reports, stock tips and recommendations and investment tips, MarketWatch and many more features .


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